Dead Space 2 “Mystery Exclusive” Reveal Due Next Month

A Dead Space 2 “Mystery Exclusive” is set to be revealed next month. This comes courtesy of PSM3 “next month page” in this months issue.

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Unbiased12813d ago

Probably some sort of spin, like mags do. Nothing big. We are already getting extraction, so i dont see anything bigger then that

DA_SHREDDER2813d ago

The game is probably gonna be in 3-D and incorporate Playstation Move. I cannot wait for this. Day one purchase!

Spenok2813d ago

I wouldnt be to suprised, in fact. Both would be welcome in my house.

Chewy1022813d ago

You realy need to change that pic.

TheDeadMetalhead2813d ago

His nose is a Strawberry Ice Cream cone. What's the problem?

Snoogins2813d ago

It could be co-op, which was planned for the first game and was heavily rumored to be in the sequel. It's most likely confirmation of Move support, which would be friggin' sweet!

nikkisixx22813d ago

HOLY HELL, if it's co-op I will literally piss my pants. Co-op is making a comeback.

Parapraxis2813d ago

I really think it is co-op
Check out that interview.

Malebaria2813d ago

Pretty sure it´s multiplayer as well.

jay22813d ago

Maybe extra in-game content that'll be downloadable?

Gloomy Sunday2813d ago

I'm guessing it's a multiplayer mode called Ignition.

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The story is too old to be commented.