Mark Rein says Consoles Retarding PC Graphics Progress

Mark Rein discussing in an interview with cvg that DX10 adoption is being hurt by console graphics technology.

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Premonition3884d ago

Then he should just develope for PC only if hes gonna talk down to consoles that way, which by the way probably provides for most of his income.

babyhand3884d ago

Consoles are were the money is. Game creation would not been as big as it is without consoles. Home of the true games. But i know pc counts for alot aswell as i have a pc too.

Rooted_Dust3884d ago

Consoles: Quantity > Quality
PC: Quality > Quantity

PC's will always have the best games, the best graphics, and the best features. I'll take quality over "doing what everybody else is doing".

LeShin3884d ago

Hmmmm....but what's the point in creating games with graphics that are fantastic and look almost photo-realistic.......when only a handful of people have PC's powerful enough to run them at full potential?

DiLeCtioN3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

not everybody has a nvidia geforce whatever card

EDIT:we still have a dum fanboy on the loose disagreeing with people

JsonHenry3884d ago

Because once photo realism is achieved, it is only about one year before the price of the components it would cost to create them on a PC will drop in price enough to where a person would NOT have to spend a fortune to play them.

I like playing some games on my 360 for sure, but every game that has come out for both the 360 and the PC the graphics are MUCH better on the PC. The controls are better (mouse aiming FTW!!) as well.

Ju3884d ago

and absolute BS. Just because MS introduces an new Graphics API doesn't mean it holds anybody back. They still want to support all DX9 machines out there, no ? Also, the PS3 uses OpenGL/ES anyway, so they have to code some of the DX10 gimmicks for the PS3 customized anyway. Have no idea if there is a chance to do that with the 360, but that will get stuck with DX9, I'd suppose.
Sure, MS did in DX10 what you'd have to do again on your own (and is possible, see KZ2 lightning engine). It just more convenient to use DX10. I still believe, especially with the PS3, there is a lot potential to even match current high end PCs, simply because, over time, the CELL will add more and more to fill the gap which the RSX can't handle. Its not out long enough to do so, yet.
I haven't heard about these things in the 360, yet. I'd just guess you wouldn't want to dedicate a core to do gfx only, but maybe there is still more room there, too.
To know you have a fixed feature set allows you to utilize the HW to a higher degree then you can on a PC, because it will change guaranteed within 6 month again. It requires some skilled people, though. And technology is getting complexer. Finding the right people is becoming harder. Sure.

socomnick3884d ago

open gl and direct x 10 are opposites open gl is open sourced and I think direct x 10 is made by Microsoft. So I don't think the ps3 has it.

ShiftyLookingCow3884d ago

thats a lie. names can be decieving. OpenGL is not open sourced. Rather its an open industry standard controlled by competing graphics card manufacturers and others(including Microsoft if I remember right). Besides the drivers written for OpenGL by nvidia and ati are always closed, in linux too

JsonHenry3884d ago

Lol, it is funny you mentioned KZ2's lighting - because from the video I have seen, there was not even any light effect changes on the barrel of the gun as the character walked around the screen. Let alone some sort of great lighting engine at work there.

DrPirate3884d ago

I agree, I like Mark Rein, I think he's a genius, but I don't like this condescending attitude he just took.

Rooted_Dust3884d ago

That's why Epic should have or make a PC-games only studio. So they can make the best quality games and still make lower-spec ones for consoles. Not because it would make them more money but because it's what they want to do.

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