Blu-Ray investment justified, says Sony

Responding to comments from PGR4's developer indicating that the team had problems fitting the data on a single DVD, Sony says that its Blu-Ray investment is justified

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DaEnforcer4154d ago

Told you so haha Mart where are you buddy? Hiding or praying in the church your ThreeFixMe doesn't crap on you? Haha

Bill Gates4154d ago

Don't say that. That's not a neutral thing to say.

The 3FixMe is a wonderful system. So long as you have a wet towell and a few hundred extra fans pointing directly at it....HAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHHA

I've said it before and I'll say it again,..boy am I glad I have a PS3...HAHHAHA

razer4154d ago

got that many agrees, directly speaks about the quality of the people on this site. What a bunch of stupid children..

You make me feel ashamed for being associated with the PS3 at all..

ArduousAndy4154d ago

where is the "hd-dvd investment justified, says Toshiba"
come guys seriously.

Meus Renaissance4154d ago

That is because there is no HD-DVD in the Xbox 360. So what would be justified..?

FungLip4154d ago

It's not justified lol.

ArduousAndy4154d ago

why does it have to be blu-ray. Why not someone saying "if MS used HD-dvd this wouldnt have been a problem.

Mr_Kuwabara4154d ago

Because that's not being realistic duh!.

MS has confirmed that they won't use Hd-dvd's as there main software discs so I don't get your point on hypothetically stating something like this if MS won't use those discs in the first place. DVD9 is old technology that will soon die in the gaming biz and replaced by discs with obviously more discs capacity hence why this article is stating on a good investement by Sony by incorporating there new Blu-Ray disc technology into there new generation of gaming console, the PS3. Soon even BR disc will not have the amount of capacity for developers to make games which is understandable. =P

Hatchetforce4154d ago

Well Arduous HD DVD isn't valid because"

1 - They couldn't get their act together with security measures so every studio except Universal and Weinstein jumped ship to Bluray. It was in trouble from the get go. Here:


2 - People like Kojima saying they need dual layer Bluray which means even HD DVD could have problems with capacity for some titles.

3 - Add the cost of an external HD DVD player to the 360, add in all the features of the standard PS3 and what is your cost? I think the proper word, and add this to the next Webster's, would be - Ginormous.

InMyOpinion4154d ago

Who needs biased articles when you can be a retarded fanboy about it?

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WIIIS14154d ago

Its ironic that Sony is using a Microsoft AAA title to justify their exploitation of PS3 fans to promote Blu-ray. Don't blame them cos looking at the quality of Sony games, they all fit very well into a DVD if the developers bothered to compress.

hella whip4154d ago

Forcing the Devs to compress instead of spending that time on making a game better without having to worry about space. I'm sure all devs would rather work on HD-DVD or Bluray as it saves them having to worry about things they shouldn't have to.

Kyur4ThePain4154d ago

If they compressed the compression of the first compressed version of a game, we could all still be using CD. YIPPEE!!!
What's your point? You don't really have one, do you?

BIadestarX4154d ago

@hella whip, how Ironic... lol... you make it sound as if developers are having such of hard time doing extra work to make games for the xbox 360.. when in reality... developers are releasing xbox 360 games on time... on the other hand... you hear all the time developers are having a hard time developing for the PS3... and games keep getting delayed... while xbox 360 gamers get the games first... So, don't worry so much about xbox 360 game developers... they don't seem to be having lots of problems.. to release games... compression ... mmm.. they can deal with that... you are acting as if Sony made it very easy for developers to make games... when it's the other way around...
Let's not got there please... let not start talking about who is making harder for developers to make games...

WIIIS14154d ago

You guys are still in denial? What is it about that short HS demo that required such a big download? What is it about Killzone 2 to require 2 gig for 1 level? What is it about RFOM? NOTHING. There was absolutely nothing in those games that distinguishes them from games that fit very well into a DVD. Yes, PGR4 is the first game to legitimately exceed a DVD, hooray.

boodybandit4154d ago

Microsoft "AAA" title?
I didn't realize PGR4 was already out and rated.
I guess I better get myself out to EB and pick a copy up.

Hatchetforce4154d ago (Edited 4154d ago )

You should do a little more reasearch Bladestar. MS has hardly had their games ship on time. GRAW a launch title? Gears? Need more?

Yes, Sony's tools could be better. And they are moving in that direction. But development on the PS3 requires a different process and it requires developers to actually learn new programming. You would be surprised how lazy devs can be. However, once devs go that extra mile you will be rewarded like nothing else.

You should also know that decompression isn't done on the fly for everything. To what storage system would you have these files decompress? The system memory? Sorry most of that is needed. The HDD? Hammer time - Ba ba ba ba, ba ba can't touch this. Or should I say TOUCH THAT, since developers work based on the Core system - no HDD. No HDD required was the biggest mistake MS made with the 360. That and a nasty motherboard engineering flaw.

Need I remind you 360 sales are down 60% versus this time last year. Don't count on HALO3 to pull your cookies out of the fire. It's a downward spiral.

Here is another thing about development. If there is an issuie with a development platform, by the time the devs start to say something that gets into print, it is already a SERIOUS ISSUE, NOT A MINOR MATTER. I said it before, the Rockstar complaints about standard DVD was a warning shot. Microsoft's response was DLC. Yeah, that will work. DLC when so many don't have a HDD to begin with.

Anyone that thinks it will take until 2009 for ordinary DVD capacity to cripple games is smoking crack. It's already here. Anyone seriously think that compressed audio can compete with uncompressed audio? That isn't the worst part.

First Rockstar and now PGR devs:

"You won't see different times of day per city because this involves recreating all the textures again (one for day and one for night). Whilst this wasn't a problem for our dev team, it was a problem fitting all this data onto a single DVD."

Ouch. Game, set, match. It seems MS has a habit of producing consoles - that entail expensive customer investment - and then said console is good for less than 4 years.

RonDeMuerte4154d ago

HA! This is one of the reasons why Wardevil was dropped for the 360.........idiot......

Hatchetforce4154d ago

You are wrong BS3, PGR4 IS THE SECOND GAME THAT WE KNOW ABOUT. Rockstar already stated limitations in GTA IV were NO HDD AND STANDARD DVD.

tatical4154d ago

"... PGR4 is the first game to legitimately exceed a DVD..."

What about Blue Dragon, its on 3 DVDs.

WIIIS14154d ago

@ tatical

I don't mean to disrespect jrpgs, I've played Blue Dragon, its a good game but a there's a lot of storytelling cut-scenes and that's what is taking up space, not gameplay. Oblivion is a much bigger (and better)game and it is done in a single DVD because it doesn't rely on extravagant cut scenes to tell the story. Yes games will eventually need more and more space, I don't deny it. Eventually.

Hatchetforce4154d ago

Well BS3, any game that takes up more than 1 disc for any reason has exceeded the current DVD. You may think you are the center of the universe, but a game doesn't get a pass for exceeding disc size just because you think it's two additional discs are cluttered with useless cutscene material.

When you can't depend on a single large disc, you get repetitious files (such as textures and sound files) that have to be replicated on each disc. But you also get cutscenes which are part of the developer's vision for the game. When the dev doesn't have the disc space to support his vision for a game, the 'Crask Landing, Disc Size Exceeeded' light comes on.

You had better go strap your self in...

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