Should Sony Port Peace Walker to PS3?

It is clear that Sony and Kojima could make a killing selling a slightly improved port of Peace Walker on the PSN. It's not as if the development team has to completely re-make the game, either. Most PS3 owners would probably be happy with some touched up geometry and textures to suit the larger screen. There's no need for bells and whistled like fancy lighting and fully animated cutscenes, either - most PS3 owners are sophisticated to know that this is a PSP port. They just want a chance to play the game cooperatively with friends.

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MariaHelFutura2719d ago

Yes. And in case you didn`t hear me, YES!!!!!

and should you add trophy support for MGS4 since it`s one of the best games this gen and can be bought for $19.99......YES!!

Nitrowolf22719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

Trophy support for MGS4

idk what ever happened with it
"On the subject of MGS4/MGO trophies and Konami ID - we hear you. We have been circulating these issues internally, and we will report back as soon as we are able."

they never reported back, it would be nice to hear even if it they said no trophy support

Dramscus2718d ago

I heard a few new rumours about it around E3. People were obviously asking kojima about it then. Sounded kinda iffy that they might release a directors cut version of mgs4 or something sometime like happened with the other mgs games. Like I said sounded iffy though.

Also I heard a long while ago when mini support came to ps3 what sounded like a hint about psp compatibility on the ps3 on the scea blog.

Rumours though. Pure rumours and speculation on my part from crap I've read.

Commander_TK2718d ago

Konami in charge of that?

T9X692719d ago

You guys need to get over the whole MGS4 Trophy thing. Honestly its NEVER going to happen, and if it was, it would have happened already. Just let it go.....

n4f2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

it will happen along side mgs4 xbox360 version /s

and on topic yes i did not finish mgs4 but peace walker seems better. i want to shoot that monster hunter monster in the head with a rpg7. remember me in MH3 mofoka, i had a knife and you played with me? wassup now b!tch and then its goes kablamo....
well its seems better in my head

Nitrowolf22719d ago

well Kojima usually releases a 2nd edition for MGS games
so that's when i think trophies will come

Army_of_Darkness2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

what is with you trophy whores?! "It's not even a real trophy!!" LOL! how does that make you happy?! ... I... just don't get it??

completing MGS4 was satisfying enough for me:D

sikbeta2719d ago

I'm still Waiting for MGS4:GoTP Substance with Trophies :P


Totally! I'd give a Damn about Graphics, Kojima-san, just use the MGS4 Engine, MGS fans will buy it in a Heartbeat...

kanetheking2719d ago

we do it for that bling sound when you get the trophy.god i love that sound.

Army_of_Darkness2719d ago

well I gotta admit, that Bling sound is quite awesomely Groovy!....(cough).. but still.. you trophy whores are crazy! lol!

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RockmanII72719d ago

PW needs to be on PSP, if every good psp game goes to PS3 no one will buy a PSP.

raztad2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

I have to agree. If someone wants to play it, better get a PSP or STFU.

Besides PW is a throughly PORTABLE game, it would require a MAJOR re-design to make it work properly on the PS3.

Other thing is to make games for the PSP is a small fraction of a cheap PS3 game budget, let alone an AAA game like MGS.

extermin8or2718d ago

i just got thtis a couple of days ago, its one of my all thime favorite games and i'd love a ps3 port but i think they should keep it psp only

blind-reaper2719d ago

No it should not port PW to PS3 it should remake PW in PS3.

Christopher2719d ago



I'd rather have a new MGS game since I've already played Peace Walker on my PSP.

badz1492719d ago

PW should remain PSP exclusive! what i want for my PS3 is Trophy Patch for MGS4! it's not like i'm asking for MGS5 but just a patch! I've never thrown out hope since FW2.40 was released and surely will not let it go now! I'll always be waiting! :P

georgeenoob2719d ago

The PS3 is famous for ports anyway so might as well.

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jaredhart2719d ago


My PSP broke a little over a year ago.

pimpmaster2719d ago

HELLS YES! why they fu did they make it on the psp anyways that console blows. ps3 ftw

SOAD2719d ago

PSP is great. I just wish there was a fully-fledged analog stick that I could attach and detach after play. Like a slot for the analog stick. Why didn't Sony think of that?

MariaHelFutura2719d ago

If it had 2 analog sticks they would be in serious competition with the DS, one of the worse decesions ever made by Sony.

pimpmaster2719d ago

forget that, just make it on ps3. why even make it on a portable anyways, that game is best played for hours at a time so home console is best.

SupaGamer2719d ago

Definitely! It will sell over a million on the PS3!

Demons Souls2719d ago

Make a sequel to Peace Walker exclusive for PS3 instead.

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