(30) Days of RPGs: July 2010

Bitmob: Fans of role-playing games have plenty of options these days. RPGs come from most corners of the world and with different styles. This can make it hard for gamers to makes sense of the multitude of games. But take heart! This monthly column breaks down each month's new RPGs, including gameplay descriptions and word on the street about a game's quality.

July looks to be shockingly fruitful for RPG fans. We've got fewer releases than some months, but almost every game looks to be worth someone’s dollars. And that’s not even taking into account the latest entry in Japan’s largest JRPG phenomenon appearing on our shores....

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Tolkoto3080d ago

I tried playing the DS remake of DQIV, but didn't really get into it. Still, I'm definitely curious about IX.

bbretterson3080d ago

Yeah, I'm in the same boat as you. Think I'm going to try it out.

Sadie21003080d ago

Not me. Haven't touched that series since the NES days. I think Western RPGs have come so far in the last few years -- I prefer those now.

rod_furlong3080d ago

I'm also more of a western RPG fan but I'm interested in this one....

bbretterson3080d ago

From what I've read of the previews, this one may surprise you guys...

Gungnir3080d ago

I'm having a hard time getting excited for more remakes.

3080d ago
bearsfaan3080d ago

I haven't played a game in the Dragon Quest/Warrior series since DW3. I'm pretty sure this makes me a terrible person.