Avoiding the 7-9 Scale: An Exercise in Different Review Scales

An in-depth look at the many possibilities when it comes to review scales for games. Does one best option exist?

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Tolkoto3082d ago

I'll never forget when GameSpot gave Twilight Princess an 8.8, and everyone freaked out. That was what years of the 7-9 scale did gamers' mentalities. Anything less than 9 for a big franchise was looked at as a snub.

Sadie21003082d ago

Ha, people freaked out over EGM's Wind Waker score: 10, 10, and 9.5. That 9.5 killed the fanboys.

Gungnir3082d ago

I like the scale for hot peppers. I think we need to adapt that one.

SilentNegotiator3082d ago

"While many critics loathe having to quantify their thoughts on a game and assert that the review should speak for itself, and as much as I'd like as many people as possible to read my writing, as a critic, you're ultimately serving your reader; it's somewhat pretentious to think that everyone should be forced to sit down and read what you have to say. I'm not writing a long-winded essay about how the game reflects on our culture, I'm answering a simple question: should you buy this game?"

Seems like sort of a silly assertion made by the author. People can't be expected to READ a review? Reviewers are too assume that readers ONLY want a yes or no as to whether to buy it or not?