Visceral Games' Executive Producer On Dead Space 2

GamingUnion: Dead Space 2 was high up on many people's short lists coming out of E3. The game features slight tweaks to the core combat to make it more versatile, a revised zero gravity mechanic, and several action packed set pieces - check out our preview of Dead Space 2 for more. In addition, Gaming Union sat down with Visceral Games' Steve Papoutsis, otherwise known as the executive producer of the Dead Space franchise. In Part 1 of our interview, Papoutsis discussed what it took to make a sequel to Dead Space, Extraction coming to PlayStation 3 with Move support, and more

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Quagmire3082d ago

I wish capcom would bring Resident Evil 4 updated for PS Classics, Move/Trophy support with upgraded visuals.

Extraction sounds way awesome bundled with DS2, and the fact you dont need move makes it all the more appealing, despite me wanting to buy PSMove anyways.

El_Colombiano3082d ago

Extraction comes with Dead Space 2 for $60. That is awesome.