Is this Gran Turismo 5 or real-life?

PSUNI: Gran Turismo 5 is certainly shaping up to be one hell of a sim racer. Coming to the PlayStation 3 this November, the game’s premium cars approach reality, so we thought we’d give you a quick little test to see if you could tell GT5 from reality.

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FangBlade3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

lol it's real life.

edit: spotted a GT5 logo on the car, so I guess it's GT5.

my bad :)

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jjesso19933081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

GT5 is 1080p as far as i know ?

Tony-A3081d ago

.... you reeaally, reeeaaaaally hate consoles...

thong_pounder3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

well this is not gt5, simple they confirmed Porsche will not be in the game and that picture is from top gear site

here is the link

SSKILLZ3081d ago

nice contradiction, here have a starbust, lol

any way , Day 1 !!!!!

SSKILLZ3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

The only real driving simulator !

Theonik3081d ago

Seriously you know a game looks good when people are having difficulty telling it's a game. Just for the fact it's a porche i have to say it's real. I does have that "over-perfection" CG look to it though.

ExplosionSauce3081d ago

This game just looks so good. It's only easier to tell the difference upon closer examination and with side by side comparisons.

Dee_913081d ago

if they r not in the game

aaron58293081d ago


2 reasons...

1. its a Porche, definately not RUF, see the logo ?
2. The dirt on the grills and bumpers

But it's really hard to tell the difference.. unless you have been playing a lot and a hell lot of GT5P (like me) to be able to tell ...

sid4gamerfreak3081d ago

@jjesso1993: GT5 is not 1080p

1280X1080 is not the same as 1980X1080

So after all that hype the game isnt even full hd

nickjkl3081d ago

lol this guy said full hd like seriously whats after 1920x1080 super hd i see alot of people on the internet fell for that name as if its real

720p is hd
1080p is hd
their is no full hd just hd

also you dont need a huge res for something to be real it just makes the definition clearer because if thats true then i guess this isnt real either

Pink_Uni3081d ago


u do know that resolution does not exist on consoles right?



sid4gamerfreak3081d ago

theres a big difference between 1920X1080 and 1280X1080

god look at the number of pixel difference

720p is hd

1080p is FULL HD. There is something called full hd check it out on numerous websites

@Pink_Uni: "u do know that resolution does not exist on consoles right? "


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nickjkl3081d ago

it might be used as a term but its rather stupid to use it

i mean come on whats full supposed to mean

are they saying 720p is half hd

Abriael3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

it's the 911 Hybrid porsce that ran at the Nurburgring 24 hours a few weeks ago, and it's real life. It looks kinda "plasticy" because it's brand new in the pictures.
here's some pics:

Why the GT5 decals? that's simple. GT5 is an official sponsors of the Nurburgring 24 hours (as much as of other races and series, like Super GT) ALL cars racing there has that decal on the windshield :D

Pink_Uni3081d ago

i think you're right

but 1920 x 1080 was the original resolution they were going to give everyone

and im pretty sure it was the gaming industry the pushed it because at one point 720p did not exist, i have a tv that only runs in 1080i

im saying they pushed it because it is extremely hard to render games at 1080 and still run at a decent framerate so they came up with 720 which is half the amount which allows for better looking games

the hd logo was originally used for 1080 but after the fact they said hey 720 is hd too, which is still alot higher then 480

but its all a bunch of bullshit cause computer monitors have always had higher resolution then tvs and the ability to change between resolutions without special components built within the tv

HD is just a logo, technically any resolution is hd

sort of like saying new, new tv, new console lol

benandlol3081d ago


It's super effective!

SoSLy3081d ago

"HD is just a logo, technically any resolution is hd

sort of like saying new, new tv, new console lol"

so umm is 800x600 HD?

You basically dont know what your saying. OH yeah they dont teach Communications Technology in the age of 12, sorry bout that fella. Theres a difference between SDTV and HDTV. Learn your facts right before you write ;)

Old Greg3081d ago



Hideo_Kojima3081d ago

Although that is extreamly realistic I would never confuse that particular screenshot with a real life car.

You can even tell from the road... in any real screenshot the road will not be blurred because the cameras would be good enough and not blur.

I think FangBlade is lying about not being able to tell.

Arnon3081d ago

Full HD represents the highest resolution possible that a current television is able to produce, since computer monitors are far superior to said televisions, and are not labeled in the whole "what is full HD" since they're able to go up to 2560x1600. The reason full HD exists is because broadcasts can only produce a maximum of 1920x1080.

Currently, Full HD is 1920x1080, or 1080p. If Gran Turismo 5 is running at 1280x1020, then it's technically not "full HD".

RBdrift3081d ago

hmmm...seems like MS slipped you the good old fashion jesus juice.
"any resolution is hd" Just buy a new 1080p tv,there as cheap as $600 bucks for a decent 46" already lol

MmaFanQc3080d ago

The longer I look, the more confused i get

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Biggest3081d ago

I thought Porsche was a no-go for this game either way? It would have to be real.

MariaHelFutura3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

The fact this is even a conversation shows how impressive GT5 and the PS3 as a console is. For $299 your stupid not to have one.

Nike3081d ago

The fact that this is even a conversation shows how slow a newsday this is on N4G and how some sites know how to take full advantage of that.

We've had plenty of stories about this already. Yes, the point has been proven (as if our own naked eyes didn't indicate to us already). This game looks close to real life. Is there anything else we can talk about that's significant with GT5 like the gameplay features or is it just going to be graphics raving until it's release?

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iPad3081d ago

I don't even know if it's real or if it's Gran Turismo 5

sikbeta3081d ago

That's The Power of The Gran Turismo Series my friend....

Shadow Flare3081d ago

The dents on the grill are a bit of a giveaway cos they look too realistic. And unless this car is RUF, Porsche aren't in GT5. I'd have to say its a real life photo

kissmeimgreek3081d ago

im pretty sure thats real life.

Plus ive seen a lot of real racecars with GT5 decals on their cars advertising it. but from what ive seen, GT5 looks just as good as Real Life ;). I will be picking up a ps3 just for it.

Narutone663081d ago

people can't tell which is real and which is a game. Just goes to show you how realistic GT5 really is. GT5 Ultimate Edition, day one for me.

RememberThe3573081d ago

The grill mesh gave it away. But it's funny that people have a hard time determining which is which.

Brewski0073081d ago

Lol i wouldve said it was gt5 if i hadnt seen that.
Man i cant wait to be playing this on a big screen !! VRRROOOMMM!!!!

SasanovaS19873080d ago

just to end that fanboys rant about full HD, 720p looks better on my tv then how can u argue whats full HD and what isnt....stop being stupid

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Nitrowolf23081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )



dammit its a porsche its real

C L O U D3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Real life cars do also sport the GT banner on the windscreen.
This screenshot however is magnificent, like an optical illusion.

I felt by looking at the driver I can evident that this could be from the actual game. Nevertheless great picture, the best of "both worlds"

grashopper3081d ago

I'm gonna say real...isn't that a Porsche logo on the hood there?

C L O U D3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

I didn't even thought about that.

Your right I guess, well done.

EDIT: but...the Gran Turismo banner doesn't make much sense to me...unless they are sponsored in a particular event...hmmm

ghandistash3081d ago

It's likely that Gran Turismo sponsor the team in whatever competition that photo is from, most likely something like the Porsche Cup. All cars are the same, but each team has their own sponsors.

Nitrowolf23081d ago

yup its a porsche and these are confirmed not to be in game

techie3081d ago

Times have changed...Porsche could have one feature car in the game (rest exclusive to EA). And premium cars have been confirmed to have damage - with dents included. Definitely looks computer generated to me...and just like the GT5 engine.

bunfighterii3081d ago


It's a Porsche and the dents etc. on the on the front spoiler grille