Review: Crackdown 2 Stumbles With Boring Gameplay- Wired

Crackdown was as addictive as the drug referenced in the game’s title. But the second hit of cybernetically enhanced crime-fighting action doesn’t get you nearly as high.

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killyourfm2719d ago

Was Wired playing a different game than I was?

Army_of_Darkness2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

they were just playing the actual whole game.;)

Spenok2719d ago

WKC was great, but i dont know if i enjoyed it more then FF13...though i havent beaten 13 yet. So ill hold off on that judgement.

Cold 20002719d ago Show
UnwanteDreamz2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

LOL Cold I knew you were a troll but bringing a PS3 exclusive up as a defense is pathetic. You 360 fankids always got PS3 on the brain.

TheDeadMetalhead2719d ago

That's a shame. The first Crackdown was really fun.

Also, White Knight Chronicles and Samurai Shodown Sen are both horrible horrible games.

dizzleK2719d ago

*cough* modnation *cough* how well did that do again? how much did sony spend on ads for it?

swiftshot932719d ago

Modnation has an average rating of 82, thats one point less than Alan Wake.

sikbeta2719d ago (Edited 2719d ago )

keep Hating Cold, WKC is An Awesome JRPG, I don't give a Damn what Western Reviewers have to say About it...

WKC2 = Old School JRPG Greatness = Day One Purchase


*cough* WTF Scores/Quality got do with sales *cough*

flyingmunky2719d ago

I'm getting really tired of the people that support the Xbox using WKC as a whipping boy. In my book WKC>FF13, as I've already got the platinum on FF13(~140hrs) and have put 180+ hours in WKC I feel like my opinion has some credibility. Its a shame the American media feel the need to bash every JRPG that hits our shores.

Totally agree, pretty much exactly what I wanted to write.

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SupaGamer2719d ago

That's what 8 months dev and relatively no change will get you.

SilentNegotiator2719d ago

Especially when you have such a limited mission set.

"That’s pretty much what you do for the next six hours: Climb up buildings and trigger power-emitting devices on the rooftops, then drop a beacon and defend it from Freaks until it’s fully charged. Wash, rinse, repeat until the game ends abruptly"
Pretty much what every review said.

jaredhart2719d ago

I'm really disappointed with how it turned out.

dkgshiz2719d ago

Its pretty average. You might as well just play the original and save your money. Its basically Crackdown with zombies. Thats it.

HarryM2719d ago

.. And got rid of it on my first try. It's just so boring. :/

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