Q&A with Guerrilla Games on Killzone 3

In the couple weeks leading up to E3, Guerrilla director Hermen Hulst and senior producer Steven Ter Heide formally unveiled the game to U.S. gaming press in San Francisco, demoing the level and 3D capabilities that would later be showcased at E3. Both Hermen and Steven spoke to Examiner to talk further about the game's development not to mention a couple 2nd party inspirations.

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dinkeldinkse3082d ago

Wished I didn't hear the premise of KZ3 story though. Unlike other people, I don't want to see anything from KZ3 except how the jetpacks worked in sp.

NecrumSlavery3082d ago

Killzone is looking better than Crysis 2.

ico923082d ago

KZ3 sounds amazing , GG have really taken up notes from KZ2, dont get me wrong KZ2 was a great game but it was short of a classic, KZ3 is gonna be a landmark of the hard sci fi shooter from what i've been reading

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ChronoJoe3082d ago


Based on how I heard, that they're will be Jungles, and that they are now fleeing Helgan. I get the impression that Killzone 3 will spend some time on Vekta.

I dunno if you've seen an overview of Helgan, but there's no way the jungle enviroments GG have promised could be on Helgan. So that's gonna' be fun, as Vekta (or Earth) can provide much great diversity in terms of it's environments.

Incognegro3082d ago

But they just said that the game will end in I highly doubt Vekta will be visited. Besides, if planets like Venus can have jungles...I don't think it's too implausible for a place like Helghan to have any.

NarooN3082d ago

I'm pretty sure Helghan doesn't have any. The Helghans will most likely go back to Vekta or come to Earth, both which obviously have pretty much every type of environment our Earth has, especially if you played Killzone 1 all the way through.

red2tango3082d ago

I read everything except the first question because I think it has something to do with the story and I don't anything spoiled. Awesome read though, can't wait for KZ3.

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