Tetsuya Nomura Interview

A Interview with famous developer Tetsuya Nomura about the future of the Kingdom Hearts series.

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Umbrella Corp3886d ago

The next game will be a classic just to tell you all.....

no_more_heroes3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Favorite game of all time. In KH 1 I was able to beat Sephiroth on expert before on normal and could complete half of the worlds in just over 6 hours without saving once. KH 2 is the best game I have never owned, EVER. Played my cousin's and my little sister's friend's KH 2 copy.

GodofPeace3886d ago

will probably be on a handheld then?

Vojkan3886d ago

Also i think it is going to be multi plat or maybe for Wii?

Umbrella Corp3886d ago

it would most likely be on every platform but kh3 will be consoles only most likely,maybe a few side stories on handhelds

the_bebop3886d ago

This is great news, I cann't wait for this next KH game it would be great if they did it release on the PSP.

I can only Imagine what news for this game that they will be telling us about the game at the Tokyo Game Show.