Gran Turismo 5: What We've Been Waiting For

"Gran Turismo 5 without a doubt is one of the most anticipated racing games in existence. On the other hand it is also one of the most delayed racing games in gaming history. What does it have to show for it? Brilliant graphics, true to life vehicles and some of the most beautiful lighting in a racing game. Polyphony beyond all other game developers are perfectionists and that is pretty clear by how much time they devote into their games. In this article I will help you get in on the excitement for this game by sharing confirmed features and some HD footage of GT5." - Forza Central

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yoghurt3082d ago

'On the other hand it is also one of the most delayed racing games in gaming history'

it has been delayed once, in Japan.

Is that one of the most delayed in gaming history?

garos823082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

people are so impatient these days. yeah i cant wait to get my hands on this but i much prefer polyphonys perfectionist approach to video games rather than constant rehashes and countless sequels of other games.

and just like my favourite beers slogan would say "good things come to those who wait"

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HorsePowerr3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )


yewles13082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Combo broken...

thewrathman3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

gt6 will be a rehash.that much i guarentee.

only the first game on a new console is fresh.then its rehash time for the subsequent sequels.

@BLUMATT are you serious?i would be happy to bet you right now that gt6 will not only be a rehash but it will be on the even go as far to say gt7 will be out for the ps3.

for the disagreers..can you tell me 1 game that is on the same console that got totally reinvented and graphically superior to its prequel?

PD has the ground work done with gt5 on the ps3.the next incarnation will look slightly better.but essentially will be the same will not take 5 years.i say that with certainty.

blumatt3082d ago

GT6 will probably be on the PS4. Hopefully, they'll start working on it now and it can actually be a launch title for the PS4 like GT5 was supposed to be for the PS3. Then, Polyphony can make dlc the entire next gen (PS4) and not have to make another GT until the PS5. I think having ONE Gran Turismo for each PlayStation console would work out better.

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klado3082d ago

Not to be rude and I don't give sht about GT5 nor forza..but a site saying what they are waiting for is GT5 and such site is callede Forzacentral...LOL, flamebait?

This game is so overhype but with what I have read, it deserve it, hope it does great, but still don't give one sht.

FordGTGuy3082d ago

That screamed flamebait? I didn't hate on GT5 at all and get this just because you are a fan of Forza doesn't mean you can't like Gran Turismo.

Shaka2K63082d ago Show
Narutone663082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

They are really new to gaming since the GT series really take very to develop.

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MariaHelFutura3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

You got that right. OT: I love the Blitz Dunlop.

GAMER-1991-NL3082d ago

Can't wait for this game ! I think it's gonna be the best racing game for a couple of years, the call of duty of racing games !

Mr Marbles3082d ago

to hold the title of perfectionist. Far from perfectionist, no way a perfectionist would put 800 cars with no interiors ported directly over from a last gen game, in their "perfect" game and call it finished.

These will be decade old cars that everyone played on GT4 WTF? You call that perfect? The audio is a huge part of the automotive experience as well, Poly once again has generic engine sounds instead of the actual engine sounds for each car, that is NOT perfection, it is another cut corner. Im not paying 60 bux for GT4 with 200 add on cars, and NASCAR!?!?!?

Come on guys get angry about this, you deserve better after the length of that wait. Its not like you all said screw GT and went out and bought FM3, you deserve better.

IRetrouk3082d ago

stop trolling and actually read up on the game, everything you have typed is wrong i hate you xboxboyz

DarkSpawnClone3082d ago

they are on a rampage lately,disagreeing like a madman lol so uncalled for :\

Mr Marbles3082d ago

read up on the game, what I typed is the sad truth. With the exception of the interiors, which is still debatable (even though they said on their own site the cars have none) everything I said was the stone cold truth.

IRetrouk3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

mr marbles you are so so so wrong go to the offical site and all your stone cold facts turn into luke warm puddles of pish.

PMR_213082d ago

whoa Mr Marbles...welcome to my ignore list. no one can talk negatively about GT5..completely unacceptable!

sigfredod3081d ago

and can have it you don't try left overs, bought FM3??? wtf are you insane???

mushroomwig3082d ago

Man Forismo Jive.

Points if you get the joke.

mrv3213082d ago

KB is no joke.

I bet PD was seriously considering going with Man Forismo Jive.

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