Kojima - 3DS 'will definitely have its own version of MGS'

Nintendo Everything: This information comes from a Google translated interview with Hideo Kojima...

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knight6262881d ago

i thought we knew it was its own version since they announced it o.0

Valay2881d ago

Sort of. It's been going back and forth. Last night, for instance, the Kojima Report folks were hinting that there is a chance that it might not come out. Obviously though, Kojima says it will.

NYC_Gamer2881d ago

you could remake 1-4 on the 3ds and i'll buy it...

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etownone2881d ago

Nice to see MG series go multi-plat ... Just like last gen.

Now, gamers of every platform can enjoy some MGS

coolasj2881d ago

Your probably going to get disagrees for no reason.

kesvalk2881d ago

if ppl say that water is a liquid they will get disagrees here...

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The story is too old to be commented.