A Retrospective of Toy Story Games

An examination of all three movie-based Toy Story games across multiple platforms and generations.

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Chazmers2635d ago

haha I remember playing the N64 version of Toy Story 2 fun times!

Commander_TK2635d ago

Toy Story 3. I haven´t seen it. Is the 3D good?

militant072635d ago

TOY STORY 3, is the best movie i ever watched
toy story 3 <3

- toy story fan.

Eric Barrier2635d ago

Toy Story 3 is fantastic. The 3D is executed very well and isn't even slightly cheesy. I can honestly say without feeling ashamed that I shed some tears at the end of the film.

cyberwaffles2634d ago

Toy Story 3 from the Toy Story series is to MGS4 of the MGS series. PURE PERFECTION!

i agree with militant, it is my favorite movie of all time right now.

the script, the humor, the characters, the dialogue, the immersion, the references from the past toy story movies sync up perfectly in the movie.

i honestly cannot believe how amazed i was with this movie; and i've seen tons of amazing movies (as well as others have.)

watch this movie NOW! it brought me out a pretty depressive day into a whole new outlook on well-written animated movies.

and just to add to the hyperbole, Toy Story = BEST ANIMATED MOVIE EVER and easily my personal top 10 movie/movie series of all time.

DARKrage342634d ago

...please go see it! I swear it is the best animated movie I have ever seen!!! (just another winner from Pixar)!

I'll have to see it in 3D next! :)

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GiantJedi2635d ago


MexicanAppleThief2635d ago

Toy story on the PS1 was soo gooood. Shame it isn't there on PSN.

cyberwaffles2634d ago

yeah i actually enjoyed it back in the day. good times

Brewski0072635d ago

Toy story... one of the elite few movie-licensed games that was actually very enjoyable :) . Thank you toy story for being awesome!

IHateYouFanboys2635d ago

only toy story game ive ever played is the Mega Drive game, and it was fantastic.

sonicsidewinder2635d ago (Edited 2635d ago )

Hit Start and Buzz comes flying in. "To infinity an Beyond!" Smashes the know your in for a good game. Difficult game - but hell you felt pure when you progressed.
I was bouncing up and down all over the place when i finally got out of that claw machine haha.

Toy Story 2 game was great too.

Both very sentimental games to me.

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