The Great Backlog Of 2010

James Chalmers explores the conflict which plagues the majority of gamers, The Backlog of Games.

From the article:

"I hate computer games, now before everyone jumps on my back let me explain. Taking a brief look on my desk I have Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Just Cause 2 all in reaching distance, sitting there, longing to be completed. Next to that Demon’s Souls is still in the wrapping, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 lingers underneath it and even the God of War Collection is scattered across the top of this mess that I call a desk."

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greengamer3057d ago

i know exactly what you mean! I've got at least ten games on the go at the current time and couldn't tell you the majority of the games stories because of the variety of genres! Must resist urge of buying new games....

Perjoss3057d ago

2010 backlog? im not even done with 2009 games yet :(

Dorjan3057d ago

Totally agree. Although the older you get the more you stop buying and get back to finish all the other ones. Hell I recently installed HL2 to complete that and before then I just finished Deus Ex!

greengamer3057d ago

i disagree I'm 32 and yet my purchases of videogames hasn't slowed up, if anything its increased since I've got older now I have a full time job and a steady salary.

Suppose it's what you want to do, go down to the pub with a few mates and easily blow £40 on a night out or pick up the latest game which you can play with some mates or the family for a good few weeks.

Chazmers3057d ago

Well I hope it does get easier as I get older. Otherwise I'm going to be screwed! Like you Greengamer I need to start resisting the urge for games.

BoneIdle3057d ago

I have found that when i do get a chance to go back and finish a game that is maybe a year old i enjoy it much more the second time around mainly because all the hype and expectations have been forgotten. I can just sit down enjoy the story. I think all the videos and interviews telling you about the game ruin the story often you have seen four or five different levels and know the story before the game even comes out.

I got out the games i had 60-80% complete recently and started them all over again and finished them this time and it was way more enjoyable than when i played them during the week of release. I finished Gears 2, killzone 2 and Frontlines in the last 2 weeks and had a great time doing it.

maxcer3057d ago

lol seems like we all have a backlog of games we need to get into. about two weeks ago i went back and started games i never finished including infamous, GoWC#2, mass effect, lost and dammed, gay tony, farcry2, deadspace, DMC4 and BFBC2... and now that i have completed them i can start to chip away at the unopened games sitting on my shelf.