The FPS: A Genre Past Its Prime?

Ah, it's been a long time since the nameless marine sent hell packing and inadvertently gave birth to one of the most beloved genres of gaming: the FPS. And yet 20 years later, people are still launching the same ol' lead into the same ol' baddies. Has the FPS run its course?

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knight6262903d ago

the FPS genre will always be the most popular genre

Cajun Chicken2903d ago

As long as purely being online doesn't ruin it.

evrfighter2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Well past it's prime on consoles. With pc hardware where it's at now. Its ripe for a new generation.

Fps will be reborn on the pc soon. Prolonging the Inevitable by adding a
3d tag to the newer titles means we gotta wait a bit for that gimmick to crash and burn.

Imo it'll be reborn in the form of half life 3 or battefield3

jjohan352903d ago

Not much reborning when the game mechanics has remained essentially the same for 20 years.

ExplosionSauce2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

I'm not sure about the FPS genre being the most popular... at least not "always". Its popularity has greatly increased in the past dacade. Although this doesn't make it the best genre. In my personal opinion, of course.

Admittedly I have enjoyed my time on certain FPS games and had fun since the days of Doom. I
enjoy them the most when they do something different, like in Bioshock or Portal.

MariaHelFutura2903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

Past it`s prime? It`s been raped backstage then told to go dance again.

deadreckoning6662903d ago (Edited 2903d ago )

"the FPS genre will always be the most popular genre"

Yeah...among consoles. But for PC, its all about MMOs

@Maria- lmao...bubbles.

darthv722903d ago

bring back the shmups! Man I miss the days where there were tons of great space shmups in top down, side scroll, isometric and in some cases...all of the above (philosoma, great ps1 game)

Long over due are thunder force 6, gradius 6 (or 7 seeing as the wii ver is referred to as 6), a new darius as well as anything r-type (final just shouldnt

Sorry, I know this topic is about FPS but I cant help but throw in my favorite genre now and then.

Reibooi2903d ago

I would not say the genre is past it's prime but it's alot harder to get excited for something that's a FPS because the genre is so over saturated. It used to be we would see one every once in awhile when they first started appearing on console and now every other game is a FPS so it's kinda hard to get excited.

Danja2903d ago

No its not past its prime , but the genre is slowly on a decline I think after this year MW2 was the peak no FPS will match its sales in awhile .. Reach stands a chance slight chance though

Downtown boogey2903d ago

Lmao did anyone READ the article?!

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RankFTW2903d ago

FPS genre is probably one of my favourites.

Aphe2903d ago

It can't be one of your favourites rankftw, PoSTedUP says so. He knows better than you when it comes to your favourite genre.

Paradicia2903d ago

The FPS genre still has a long way to go yet.

Bluemaster772903d ago

Personally I love when there is a successful Blend of FPS/RPG elements

NecrumSlavery2903d ago

I found both Borderlands and Fallout 3 to be brilliant.

Unicron2903d ago

I'm a lil FPS'ed out myself. I miss UT2004 style games. All of this dying in 2 shots, aim assist crap is boring me.

Downtown boogey2903d ago

It's Halo in the pic, so basically you're referring to that...

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