Hardest Fights in Gaming History

Beer + Videogames... Were you expecting Ninja Gaiden Black, Contra, or even Demon's Souls? Please. Sit down kids, school's in session.

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garos823085d ago

that futari game seems like a masochists wet dream! and that tetris player- damn good skills

Donny3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

maneater from demons souls. ARRRRGH!!! those things kept knocking me off the overpass.

ico923085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

wheres Ares from God Of War That guy was a b1tch, in fact its near impossible on god mode

Also Alma from Ninja Gaiden was infuriating i know alot of people thats stopped playing the game because of her.

garos823085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

yeah im stuck on those stupid maneaters! ill get them eventually

i had much more trouble with the cerberus "mini boss" in GOW3. especially when the 2 centaurs popped up

also either emerald or ruby weapon from ff7. actually both of those bastards took me a while. and the dark aeons in ff10

Kingdom Come3085d ago

Was incredibly difficult, especially as Friendly Fire damage is almost instant death and with random people joining just to team-kill, it was a pain...

ico923085d ago

Agreed the Bridge Level is actually impossible on realistic mode

tiamat53085d ago

Measter Seymour and his Aeon in Final Fantasy X. OMG. I still hate those bastards to this day. I actually had to purposefully sacrifice my own Aeons to beat them

fanboi hater3085d ago

it was yunalesca that was super hard or even evrae could be hard if you werent a high enough level because training on the airship was impossible. But on my second play through nothing was that bad.

UP3085d ago

The strategy for Yunalesca is to allow her to turn your party into zombies and then have Yuna cast reflect on your party members so Yunalesca cant hurt you with her cure and regen spells. Then cast shell on her so the cure spells reflected restore less of her health. And when regen is reflected dispel it then recast shell if you want. So when she gets to her third stage megadeath wont effect you because you are already dead.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3085d ago

Yh i didnt find seymour too hard cos I got all my aeons up to full overdrive. Evrae was impossible without being a decent level.

waltyftm3085d ago (Edited 3085d ago )

That guy RAPED tetris !!

Tremor in ffx-2 started to have nightmares about him.

RememberThe3573085d ago

Gratification! That damn battle kicked my ass for three days straight.

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The story is too old to be commented.