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Despite the years of work Realtime Worlds poured into their latest creation, APB still comes off as being woefully underdeveloped, and ultimately unfinished. The LittleBigPlanet-style focus on user-created content is a nice touch, but there's very little game here. What does exist isn't worth your time -- and certainly isn't worth the money necessary to play APB on a regular basis.

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thereapersson2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

Oh man, I was really pulling for this game. I really enjoyed Crackdown, and will be buying the sequel. It's just a shame that RTW couldn't pull off another win with this title... :(

This seems a bit harsh, though. I wonder if more development time really would have helped this game? It seems like it has been in development for quite a while already, though.

It was a great concept, but it just goes to show that you can't always trust magazine / website previews of games these days.

Baka-akaB2692d ago

i dont think they lacked time to add an actually good gameplay and shoot system . Seems like they had plenty to add what would usually be (free or paid) extras in other mmo .

TOO PAWNED2692d ago Show
tdrules2692d ago

oh F##K off

it's a PC game, get off your CELL powered high horse this has nothing to do with the console war, go back to commenting on flamebait

Conloles2691d ago

Eh least we have the choice of so many great MMO's, this ultimately failed I think due in part to the repetitive nature of the missions and the lack of dedicated servers. You can't make a PC game nowadays without dedicated servers its just preposterous!

Bluemaster772692d ago

So they stopped making Crackdown to do this smh .... a pure let down

Blaze9292692d ago

well like 90% of the Crackdown team left to form Ruffian Games and Crackdown 2.

TheColbertinator2692d ago


Maybe now people will realize how overrated Ruffian and Realtime Worlds really are.

Pennywise2692d ago

MMORPG Failure after failure. Some of these companies just need to leave it to the pro's and quit trying.

Years of wasted resources for a D/A+. I feel bad for anyone who dedicated their time to developing this game.

I don't get how games that are obviously so bad and unpolished make it to production. Wouldn't it pay off more just to delay it again? Its like shooting yourself in the foot and then pouring salt and lemon in the wound just for fun. It doesn't make sense. I doubt most of these developers making crap games even PLAY GAMES. You would think that would be the number on question on a gaming developers application: DO YOU PLAY GAMES?

nickjkl2691d ago

so wait real time and ruffian were the same developers

and real time and ruffian made crackdown 2 and apb

and both crackdown 2 and apb are getting real low scores

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BeaArthur2692d ago

I thought the embargo was for like 14 days or something?

Myze2692d ago

...and now we know the real reason why.

Raoh2692d ago

grand opening

grand closing.

Raptura2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I wish 1UP didn't use letter ratings.

SuperStrokey11232692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

its means it got a D, with A+ being the best you can get... its not that hard to get.

I see you edited your comment now lol

SuperStrokey11232692d ago

lol who the hell would disagree with that? Its all true!

SOAD2692d ago

I used to think that it meant there are two reviewers, one who gave it a D and another who gave it an A+. It always pissed me off that the second reviewer gave every game an A+.

nickjkl2691d ago

what kind of school did you guys goto

and did they do ggrades by 1-5

Raptura2691d ago

@SOAD - That's what I thought. So I was flipping shit. ahahaha. Then I realized A+ is like 10.

Still, I wish they used numbers, instead of letters. I got letter grading in elementary and percentage in High School, then percentage and GPA numbers in college. Is 1UP suggesting they're aimed at little kids?!??!

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