Driver collector's edition contains toy car

Another nice package here for those who like collecting well....collector's editions of their favourite games...

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Frulond2815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

I'm growing tired of these limited editions... now every game its getting one and I believe most of them don't deserve it.

IMHO driver does not deserve a LE version, 1st one was a blast, 2nd was a bit under ok and 3rd I didn't like... since then my interest for the franchise died.

the new driver seems good and hope it is, but I'm not sure if I'll get it or not... need to see more of it

knight6262815d ago

its not what you say on who deserves it or not and plus its an option if u want to buy or not if u dont like it then just buy standard edition

gtamike2815d ago

I don't like the look on how you can switch out of cars by a pressing a button...

DarkSpawnClone2815d ago

i hope this driver reboot will be good.i played the hell out of driver 1!

2815d ago
MarcoGT2815d ago

I want to get this and the car figurine/ornament/model car that I can display high on my shelf.

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