Halo 3 preview - 1UP takes on Tsavo Highway in the first ever single-player hands-on

Bungie -- ever secretive -- is guarding the full details of Halo 3's storyline, but the creators were kind enough to let 1UP play a few missions and get a feel for the single-player experience: the graphics, the controls, the challenges.

Tsavo Highway is the game's third mission, set near the Kenyan coast not far from Halo 2's New Mombasa. (Kenya seems to factor heavily into the Covenant's schemes, likely due to the presence of an ancient alien installation called the Ark, which in true Bible style is believed to be a refuge from or a weapon against the parasitic Flood.) The level begins in the shattered ruins of a human military base.

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WaggleLOL3769d ago

It must be rough for the Xbox fanboys at 1Up and EGM in their efforts to get hired away to Microsoft with so much brutal competition amongst the staff.

Who will trash the most PS3 titles in reviews like Lair?
Who will do the best job of downplaying the PS3's overwhelming graphics power in games like Killzone 2?
Who will do the best hyping last gen looking turds like Halo 3?

Daz3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Troll, get a life.
You dont like it, fair enought your opinion but what the fock are you doing in this fread posting sh1t. Lair looks great so what dont make me buy a game because it looks good like some people. ^^

iceice1233769d ago

Because we all know if a games on the PS3 it should get perfect scores. You think if a games on the PS3 it's automatically perfect and deserves 9-10, well you're wrong. Lair sucks, get over it.

Daxx3769d ago

Ummm, no.

If the game is good they give it a good review and/or preview if the games sucks they give it a bad review and/or preview. Simple as that.

They are being honest, and when you have 3 people reviewing a game it gives people better insight of other people's opinions.

WaggleLOL3769d ago

Gotta love all the little Xbots trying to act like EGM/1UP is a legitimate game news/review site!

Microsoft sucks at making console hardware and software, but you do have to hand it to them that they do know how to play the sleaze card when it comes to the gaming media. Making it clear that anyone who works at a gaming media site has the possibility of getting hired away to Microsoft like two of the Xbox fanboys at EGM/1UP already were is brilliant. You don't have to actually pay wads of marketing cash for favorable reviews and trashing of competitor's games.

Don't worry Halo fanboys even though Halo has crappy last gen graphics, no dedicated servers, laggy last gen p2p networking, and can only handle 16 players per game, the little Xbox fanboys reviewers at places like EGM/1UP bucking for a job at the Mothership will be handing out 9.5/10s to this next gen farce of a game.

ParaDise_LosT3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

Go troll somewhere else please: (

Daz3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

You are really sad depressed child, has your mother beaten you? good if she has your deserve it. stupid littel cunt.
Ps3 are 360 are both good. go and jump off a cliff make this site a whole lot better with out you.

MoonDust3769d ago

when they said Halo 3 didn't have Co-op Yet? Ohh that's right. Anything bad about the ps3 makes the mag. suck.

BLACKJACK VII3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

It must be rough for all the Sony fangirls at NG4 in their efforts to bash the growing list of AAA titles on Xbox360.

Who will post the most trash in the Xbox360 threads ?

Who will do the best job of crying about the overwhelmingly nonexistent next gen gaming & graphics power of the PS3 ?

Who will be the best at desperately posting turds like WaggleLOL ?
Will it be the General ? Will it be Bill Gates ? Will it be Chava ?

Who will be crowned Queen Troll for the day ? That remains 2B seen, but we don't have any sympathy for your obvious desperation. No one cares that you are so frightened & scared of the Xbox360 that you feel compelled to hate, with nothing to base your pointless accusations on, that you can't accept that your precious PS3 is inferior to Xbox360 in AAA titles, hardware sales, software sales, graphics, gameplay, online service, 3rd party support, 1st party exclusives, price, features, extra content ...hell, even the freakin' gamepad !!!


Man, I would be ashamed 2B a Sony fan reading these kinds of posts on Xbox360 threads from ppl like WaggleLOL. Grow up & try to find a reason to enjoy your console Loser.

Xi3769d ago

Free Realms
DC Universe
Eight Days
Getaway (rebuilt from the ground up... gonna be awesome)
Infamous looks bad

wtf are these games.

deepio3769d ago

Jealousy's a b1tch hey WaggleLOL...

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JCITY3769d ago

but i own halo 1 and two and to tell you the truth ...this game was really one of the first big games to be online and organized...but know that more games are coming with online play the halo series is just another game...honestly the game is just a lot of hype but all that's gonna change when this game comes it's for pc to so i'm not that amped about....i gotta say that the ps3 has the best looking lineup...and there are mostly solid titles that people know are good....not just new ips

Daxx3769d ago

Good for you, you can stick with your PS3 and it's games while I'll stick with the Xbox 360 and it's games.

And yes Halo 3 is hyped because it's a solid game with solid gameplay and endless playablity, nothing wrong with that.

kewlkat0073769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

"i gotta say that the ps3 has the best looking lineup...and there are mostly solid titles that people know are good....not just new ips"

Wtf is that suppose to mean?

So every Ps3 title coming out is good because, everybody, know they are good and new IP's..hhahaha

Hey it's your opinion, but please do continue to enlighten us, welcome to N4G by the way gamer..hehe..

Like some guy stated "Hype? There is no need for hype. It's F-ing Halo 3."

True Gamer King3769d ago

Lair was the only good game that the PS3 had and it just got a couple of horrible reviews. If you think Halo 3 is a bunch of hype what about your Killzone 2, how does a game get that much hype when the first one sucked @ss. Atleast Halo 3 deserves all the hype.
Here's a line up from both consoles of only the very best exclusives.

Xbox 360:
Halo 3
Two Worlds
Mass Affect
Lost Odyssey
Halo Wars
Too Human

Those are only the very best exclusives that I wan't, there are a lot more great games that are coming out. Not to metion Halo 3 Mass Effect and bioshock will be 3 of the best games of all time along with Gears of War.

It's only good game (Lair) just got a couple of horrible reviews.

So that would make the score Xbox 360: 7 PS3: 0.

TheExecutive3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

the 3 best games of all time? thats a joke right? OF ALL TIME? come on now. Is this your first console generation? I must say though that the list you have compiled is pretty impressive.

The only good game that was coming to the ps3 was lair? You are a pretty funny guy.

here are exclusives that are coming to the ps3 this year and next (since you decided to add games in 2008) that you may want to take a look at (although I know you wont):

Warhawk (its a really really really fun online game)
Heavenly sword (great action game)
Ratchet and Clank
UT3 (it is a timed exclusive)
Infamous looks bad
Killzone 2 is gonna be fun
MGS:4 GOTY contender in 08
Free Realms
DC Universe
Eight Days
Getaway (rebuilt from the ground up... gonna be awesome)

But I guess different strokes for different folks...

Lair got one bad review... i hope you dont determine what will be a good game or not by one review.

they suck because you dont think they will be good? Many of the games I listed will move systems... you may not buy one, but who are you anyway? A huge xbot. You definitely arent a "true gamer king". because if you were you would realize the value in at least most of the games i put down. Goodbye

True Gamer King3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

I have seen most of those games except for 2 or 3, and the ones that I havn't heard of are so far ahead you can't tell if there going to be a good game or not. Also I didn't name any timed exclusives such as UT3. Wich is also going to be a great game, but it will also be on the Xbox 360. And the games I named are coming out this year or the early next year except for Halo Wars but if that's half as good as Halo 3 it will be great. So all those games you said that aren't timed released will suck. Lair just got some horrible reviews, Killzone 1 sucked so what will make Killzone 2 any different except for graphics. The only game that I forgot about that does look pretty good is Heavenly Sword; oh and Uncharted looks like it may be alright but it doesn't deserve to be with the very best. And the rest of the games you named will suck except for the 2 or 3 that I don't know about because they are so far ahead.
So let me update this list.

Xbox 360:
Halo 3
Two Worlds
Mass Affect
Lost Odyssey
Halo Wars
Too Human

Heavenly Sword

And Heavenly sword won't even come close to Halo 3, Mass Effect or Bioshock.

So that would make the score Xbox 360: 7 PS3: 1

But then again this is just my taste in games I don't like kid games like Ratchet and Clank, and if you don't think that's a kids game don't make me laugh they have a gun called the groove-a-tron that makes people dance. Or games like MGS were you have to use stealth all the time. Oh and I don't care for flying games but I know a lot of people do so that one is probably just me.

I can agree with you on one thing though, I also do not like Dr. Phil.

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SF49er4083769d ago

Halo 3 is not halo 2.5 those screens looks so sick. 4 player coop. perfect multiplayer. i remember ps3 waitboys sayin this has nothin on lair cause its true next gen. xbox 360 cant handle that game lol yea right n what scroe it get? have fun with that one. the only games up for this years game of the year are gonna be 360's games. but yea haahahahahahahahahahahahahahah aahahaha xbox 360 is dope, its got sick a** games, n ms just keeps em comin. halo 3's already got endorsements from almost every fast food and junk food company its gonna be huge. n those graphics look waaaaaaaaaaay better then the beta which was already fun n beautiful. so haha, stop bashing halo, its gonna be epic n cinematic and one sick ass goty ride

ud3769d ago

looks good but... not THAT much. This game is about gameplay

JCITY3769d ago

plz guyz i have a 360 but the fact of the matter is 360 does not have better titles than the ps3...we all know this...not to say they won't ever make them but as of right now ps3 has the better games coming out...i mean halo didn't save xbox 1 and it won't save xbox 360 i got a 360 basiclly to fill my gaming needs until the ps3 came out and i gotta say ps3just "feelz right" then the game developers have not really unlocked the power of the ps3 is just beyond me...i'm not here to start a flame war just admit that u couldn't wait for the ps3 and u ran out and bought a 360...hey i'll admit to that to..i just have enough sense to see the ps3 is gonna be the best

CurlUpAndDie3769d ago

Xbox 360 will always be on top with these great titles. PS3 will never have such great titles as MS, NEVER. PS3 is just an over priced piece of poop that comes with the worst design remote i ever seen. All I have to say is Halo baby. Have fun with Lair, not!

Daz3769d ago

PS3 does have good titals coming out but its no better then 360 lineup

Lair i think i wait for the demo because i got a feeling i wont like the controles.
Heavenly sword demo is great a must buy for me.
Warhawk havent played it.

Gil3769d ago

Not upset. You in denial? In what world does the PS3 have a better lineup? How many AAA titles are coming out before Christmas? One them has already gotten a crappy review. We can compare line ups all day long and the PS3 will fall short every time.

True Gamer King3769d ago (Edited 3769d ago )

"plz guyz i have a 360 but the fact of the matter is 360 does not have better titles than the ps3..."we all know this"...not to say they won't ever make them but as of right now ps3 has the better games coming out..."i mean halo didn't save xbox 1 and it won't save xbox 360""

First off not everyone thinks the PS3 has better titles because it's not true.

Second off the Xbox 360 doesn't need saving.

Anyone who believes what JCITY is saying is an idiot.

P.S. The 360 feels a hell of a lot better than the PS3.


i have a Ps3 and an xbox 360 and i disagree.

what system has the best line up depends on what games you like. overall. i have rented a few games on the ps3, none i would say is worth buying. i was looking forward to HS, but after playing the demo i think i will leave it.

to me the 360 by far has the better line up this year. i don't see how games like haze and Unreal 3 count if they are timed.

if i could only buy one game this year it would be halo and i would pick it over HS anyday. PGR 4, Mass effect, bioshock, or Lair ? sorry, again my money goes to the 360. Until killzone and MGS come out, i have not been convinced by anything yet. some i may rent, but not buy.

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Zhuk3769d ago

lol @ the nubs thinking any exclusive on the PS3 will even get near the success of Halo 3