Real ID - Real Problem

Real ID has come under fire lately for its use of Real ID - a gaming/social networking system that links players together in-game through personal information.

Recently, Blizzard and announced that all posting on their forums will now go through Real ID as well - therefore, you will have to post using your real name.

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Rosethorn3083d ago

When I read the forums part, I had my concerns. Good highlight of the issues Blizzard is creating with this concept. I have no idea WHAT they are thinking or how this got by all the smart folks who work there.

Fabian3082d ago

I have mixed feelings about this. The Real ID system is really convenient for when you have a select group of friends that you don't want to have to constantly be remembering to add on every character, and the cross-game chat support is incredibly cool. However, I don't see the logic in being able to see all of your Real ID friend's Real ID friends too. There's no good reason to network it that far out, that I can think of, and plenty of reasons not to.

The forums thing doesn't bother me too much, as long as there's still another avenue for technical support for those that have a problem with their full name appearing.

RaymondM3082d ago

I think after years of playing their games and completely enjoying everything they've done: whatever decision Blizzard makes sounds like a good idea to me.