Castlevania Harmony of Despair: Launch date and new screenshots

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair will be available for Xbox LIVE Arcade as a part of the Summer of Arcade program on August 4 for 1200 Microsoft Points.

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CrAppleton3031d ago

Sweet! I can always go for some more Castlevania

Cregan4584onYouTube3031d ago

I have many leather bound books.

killyourfm3031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

1: No, this is not fake. It's an official press release sent from Konami. Why would you report it as fake?
2: I'm not heating up my own story. The people adding all the reports are.
3: The other article was likely failed by an admin.
4: Are articles not equal while in pending?

dkblackhawk503031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

1: It is fake because you made the other story fail
2: Mhm ...okay we all believe you
3: Was not failed by an admin (You can check in that yellow/golden box :P)
4: Since when? It is a first come first server basis...not a multiple account basis :P

From other story:
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jazzking2001 | 49m ago

See? Admin did not fail it..

killyourfm3031d ago

How did I make the other story fail? I don't have that kind of power. I also didn't start this whole dupe war to begin with.

dkblackhawk503031d ago

Ok let me rephrase...not "you" but other "minions" (That is what they are called) that lets own...I don't want to deal with you anymore...chou. By the way, on topic here...The screens look great :D

killyourfm3031d ago

Agreed! The game looks damn tasty

mirroredderorrim3031d ago

They lost a sale here. Exclusive. :T

WetN00dle693031d ago (Edited 3031d ago )

Im glad its exclusive!
The PS3 will be getting their own exclusive arcade titles(Dead Nation anyone?Which by the way ill be getting once it releases as well!)SO why cant the 360? Anyways first day buy for me.

Kamikaze1353031d ago

Because Castlevania is a well established series that's been around for years and Dead Nation is just a random generic Zombie game made by small company. I doubt it's exclusive. I'm sure it'll be out on the PS3 after the Summer is over. It's probably exclusive for the 360 for that Summer of Arcade they have going on.

Darkfocus3031d ago

shouldn't they have remade them for an HD console?

Lucent Beam3031d ago

I would love to know that as well. It makes me feel kind of ripped off.

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The story is too old to be commented.