Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta Update

Ubisoft Writes: "With the news of the release date change, the beta has become a big question in your minds. We know, and would like to take a moment to address your questions to the best of our ability. "

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TEFL0N_D0N_813081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

GRFS beta delayed with no date? BOOOOOOO!! I thought it was one of the best looking games of E3. Should have at least gotten a nod.

BeaArthur3081d ago

Same here. It was one of my favorite games of the show.

Blaze9293081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

what does delaying a game have to do with delaying the beta? If it was still scheduled for whatever it's release was - the beta time frame should still be right in line. I knew they would pull this shit. I should've sold that crap ass copy of Conviction a long time ago. Only worth like $10 now? They planned this from the start.

"We are taking advantage of the extra development time to bring you the beta in its most polished state so that you guys can have the best gameplay experience"

BULL-SHIT! They need to take this extra time to release the damn beta already so when all the things that are wrong with the beta are addressed, they have time to fix/change/add/remove them. This isn't a damn demo where we need the most polished version. It's a BETA UBISOFT! We don't need a polished beta (as long as it isn't MoH PS3 beta bad). We just need the beta period so we can tell you what to freaking fix.

More studios need to learn from Bungie and how they do betas and the data they collect from it.

Fucking liars. I don't buy this one bit. If the beta doesn't launch this year I'm never falling for that "buy so and so copy to get into the exclusive beta!" because months later they will delay it and announce you can still get in by just pre-ordering the game.

(yes, I am mad lol)

kingjoker343081d ago

is this beta going to be on ps3?

ProA0073081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

are ANY betas usually on the PS3? Besides the recent Medal of Honor and Bad Company 2, I can't really think of any multiplatform betas that hit the PS3.

BeaArthur3081d ago

I think they have said 360 only, but that could change.

nickjkl3081d ago

im used to waiting for betas huxley anyone stll waiting for that beta been 3 years

voidviper3081d ago

the huxley beta did come out like a year and a half ago for pc. too bad it was terrible and they never let me give feedback cause they wouldnt link my account to forums.

Independent_Charles3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

lol this is the reason im hanging on to my splinter cell! oh and huxley its UT but 60 player

ProA0073081d ago

I figured this would happen as well. It was the ONLY reason I'm hanging on to my copy of Conviction. But then go go and announce you can get in the beta by pre-ordering Future Soldier. I knew this damn thing wasn't launching in no summer. They waited till any trade ins of Conviction would seem not worth it so the player would hold on to their copies.

Fuck you Ubisoft - buying all your games used now. You don't come between a Tom Clancy fan and his Ghost Recon!

Independent_Charles3081d ago

im getting annoyed with activision and ubi this gen, it just overall hasnt been high enough quality.

thisisxbox3081d ago

I just have this awful feeling both MoH Beta & Ghost Recon Beta will hit at the same time - probably when we're all playing Halo:Reach in September :)

Rampaged Death3081d ago

Where is the update in this article ?

thisisxbox3080d ago

the update is it's still coming but nobody knows when :)