Call of Duty: Black Ops - New Weapons Information

The weapons arsenal in Call of Duty: Black Ops just keeps getting better. The single-shot "Thumper x2" from Modern Warfare 2 has been replaced with a pump-action grenade launcher, players will also be able to play around with the Heckler & Koch G11 prototype assault rifle.

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Game-ur2904d ago

This game vs. Halo Reach, going to be interesting to see which one wins over 360 fans, but considering that COD6 out sold Halo3 I'm guessing COD7.

xYLeinen2904d ago

Hard to say. I actually think Treyarch will be able deliver the same, even not even better experience then what Infinity Ward did. Judging from all the material I've seen from it.

bakasora2904d ago

can u guys stop buying this generic game, when the buying stops, the killing can too.

Jack-Pyro2904d ago

I'm getting both, so I'll tell you when both are out.

=D, My God I'm Pumped for this Year.

We've got Starcraft 2 coming out in a few weeks, Then in September we'll have Reach, in October it's all about New Vegas, and finally in November Call of Duty Black Ops, man, I'm gonna be poor at the end of all of this.

BeaArthur2904d ago

It doesn't really matter, they'll both sell millions and millions. Many will buy both (I probably will).

Jack-Pyro2904d ago

That's an M4 Carbine, the Gas Block as well as the carrying handle are different.

....Why do I know this.........-_-

xYLeinen2904d ago

On a 2nd note.

I'm a big fan of DICE, and how they added destructible environment in Bad Company 2 really makes the game a lot more fun to play.

I kinda wish they implemented this in the CoD franchise now. It's time. For me, playing another fps where the environment is not destructible is "less of a game".

getonmylev3l2904d ago

I don't think they would sacrifice the fps for destructible environment. And for me, not having destructible environments is no big deal.

TheGameFoxJTV2904d ago

When ppl camp in every corner of the maps, yea it IS a requirement.

RememberThe3572904d ago (Edited 2904d ago )

No other games have as many balanced weapons as COD. At least not one I want to play. And no matter how many games try to do what COD does they never quite get the controls right.

Karl Marx2904d ago

I guess the ACR, scar, ump45, and spas are all balanced?

hybridtheory122904d ago

Zombies and Im sold, as well as sold on any zombie maps releasing. That feature made WAW great. Spec ops sucked, missions are aggravating and when I played them, I had no motive, there wasnt a score leader board or ANYTHING

TheGameFoxJTV2904d ago

lol, that was actually the only thing about MW2 I liked. Spec Ops actually took skill.

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