Blizzard Using Real ID is Less Than Well Received

In an attempt to increase security and remove a good deal of the animosity that comes with anonymity, Blizzard announced that Real ID would be coming to their interface, which includes notable titles such as World of Warcraft and the impending StarCraft 2. Unsurprisingly, not everyone is content with these measures.

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DailyAddict3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

lets get one thing straight, the main reason people are bitching about this is NOT because of security. It's because they are the ones trolling, talking crap on the message boards, starting flame wars and generally acting like deuchebags. I no longer play the game, but I'm sure the forums are still the same, if not worse, and personally I see this as a good thing and hope that Blizzard doesn't back out of this. If they force people to use their real names then we'll see how much of an e-thug people really are when your name is Percy Miniscus or Richard Smalls and you can be looked up on Facebook for the pathetic loser that you probably really are.

ExposingLames3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

im only on the forums till the beta comes out....ya the trolling is horrible there but other forums have mods and are well kept its not all forums its blizzards forums

and i can say i have never once trolled on that site, and i think this is beyond stupid, i just wont take part in the community.....but its stupid to be forced to put your info out there if you want to be a part of it.......god forbid they hire a company like lithium or something to control their forums FOR know with Blizzard/Activision being broke and all

Volomon3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Ok you say its not about security then you use the lack of security as an example of why it's not about security? Sounds BRILLIANT, Yale I assume? If only everyone had logic like DailyAddict, the world would be a better place.

I've seen people get addresses, phone numbers, and even social security with just a picture I can't imagine what they would do with a name. If your wondering how you do all this with just a picture google has that new technology that locates every picture similar to it on the internet.

All they have to do is get some volunteer moderators, those would be far better than any they could ever hire from what I've seen and heard.

ExposingLames3057d ago

no the security is the main reason im against it....that was the point in my post.....i was giving simple solutions as opposed to this bad idea

ChronoJoe3057d ago

Yep but security is a big deal, too.

I can get a full address from someones name, easy.

Lucent Beam3057d ago

But for the most part, given someone's internet identity, it can be equally as easy to find out who and where they are. That said, I think forcing people to use their real names on the forums is a poor choice.

ChronoJoe3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Yeah, usually you would be able to find someones name, and address from there online alias. Even.

But presenting it like that, prevents people having true anonymity. At least with an online alias, if people really want to be anonymous they can, they can not put there real details on there profile pages, or link to real stuff like facebook, and not answer when people ask there full name.

I mean, a few days ago a guy messed around (stole graphics from) our clans site. So I looked him up, I know everything from his name and address, to favourite films and pet peeves. Not that I'd do anything with that information but it is a little too easy to find info about people... and giving people there real name, is only going to make it a fair bit easier.

jdktech20103057d ago

I completely agree ChronoJoe.

While I'm not one of those people that abuse anonymity in any form, I think this is a terrible idea. I'm not one to usually email companies but I decided to email blizzard and let them know my feelings.

There are too many unbalanced people out there to do this kind of stuff in my opinion

moe843057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

Clearly sexist comments from jack-offs at the people who are now confirmed to be female is a great reason to keep and implement this idea.

Or better yet, high profile people who like a little privacy and escape from real life should be messed with while playing a game. Completely forgetting the fact that Blizzard has always prided itself on security and discouraging people from using real names in-game for security reasons.

If Blizzard would stop screwing around and police their own forums, trolling wouldn't be as big of an issue. Start disciplining accounts and ultimately banning them for being jackasses.... None of this B.Net 1.0 crap where you can make an infinite number of accounts. You get banned from wow forums, congrats go buy another game to harass people with. Same goes for Diablo Uni and StarCraft Uni forums.
Blizzard can easily do this and keep their old mentality of not banning game accounts for actions taken on forums. They're doing it now, just like they always have been. It's just really, really rare.

ChronoJoe3057d ago

I can't imagine it's hard to produce an account with fake details, specifically for trolling.

Moderators don't need to have the details public, as they can view users private profiles. So they could still see there full set of personal details.

Banning full game accounts, brings about serious legal issues. That is why bans of that nature are extremely rare, and always will be.

jdktech20103057d ago

One of the Blues gave out his real name (supposedly) and within 20 minutes, a website had all his personal information including his name, number, address, family's names and occupations, facebook, emails, etc.

If that's really want Blizzard wants to do, then nobody (besides true friends) will be on my friends list and I will never post in forums and that's just the way it will be. If full names are visible to everyone, then I will seriously think about not playing blizzard games at all.

It's a security issue. I have a common name and I can't find myself (with my details) on the net anywhere so I'm not as upset but I still don't want the chance that someone does.

Maybe I'm overly paranoid or maybe I'm just smart but I don't like the idea

Volomon3057d ago (Edited 3057d ago )

This is about security I bet any amount of money that the Blues will not be using their real names.

hazelamy3057d ago

as you can probably tell, i don't have a problem with displaying my name, but i disagree with forcing others to display their real name, it should be the user's choice.
all this guff about security, blizzard know the name the user has given, which may or may not be their real names, forcing them to be displayed on the forums is taking things a step too far.
they're going to lose a lot of players over this i bet.

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