2010: Is the Best Still to Come?

As you leave the first half of 2010 behind you, it's time to look at what else there is to get excited about in the remaining months of the year. Here are 20 of the most promising releases still to come.

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GWAVE2878d ago

LBP2, GT5, and Halo Reach.

But early 2010 (God of War, Heavy Rain) was pretty dang good, too.

blizzard_cool2878d ago

Well LBP2 is my GOTY (I said mine). No need for more...

Well maybe some Killzone 3 :D

D4RkNIKON2878d ago

I agree completely, although KZ3 will be an early 2011 title. LBP2 will be my GOTY for sure. I can't wait to get a hold of GT5 this year too.

RockmanII72877d ago

Yea, I'm buying a PS3 this year just for LBP2. Customization is my favorite thing in video games and that's just what LBP2 is. That and Halo Reach are my two top runners for GoTY.

dustgavin2878d ago

Gran Turismo 5 with head tracking, 3D, and a steering wheel= Sensory overload!

theonlylolking2878d ago

2009 had awesome games but this year might just top it.

RockmanII72877d ago

I disagree, 2009 was the worst year for games this gen IMO. Uncharted 2 was the only Great game, while we already have RDR and ME2 already this year.

cobraagent2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

is coming this November (GT5) so yeah i agree with the title

omi25p2878d ago

of course it most anticipate title of the decade, SO FAR its only the first year for christ sake.

cobraagent2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

of the decade 2000-2010
15 million people(and perhaps more) have been waiting for this game for 5 years so i think it is the most anticipated game of that decade

SixZeroFour2877d ago

since many ppl believe there was no year 0...the decade is actually the whole "2010 is the start of a new decade" is kinda odd

LordMarius2878d ago

Mostly looking forward to LBP2, but I rather it be 2011 already

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The story is too old to be commented.