Kojima will “look” into ZOE 3 after MGS: Rising

Hideo Kojima has told JeuxFrance he will “look” into developing Zone of the Enders 3 after Metal Gear Solid: Rising releases.

“My team and I want to develop a new ZOE,” said Kojima. “But it turns out that Kojima Productions has limited resources in terms of teams and directors.

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Simon_Brezhnev3081d ago

i wonder if it will still be exclusive i think it depends on MGS Rising sells. I saw PS3 owners that bought MGS4 buy Rising so they can see sell numbers and wont bother doing multiplatform spinoffs again.

sedx3081d ago

rising not a spinoff its part of the just keep crying because its not a ps3 exclusive ,well get over it.i hope all the next metal gears solid titles go multi to hurt sad people like you.

PirateThom3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Rising is a part of the series as far as Portable Ops is, in that Kojima will just ignore it entirely.

Army_of_Darkness3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

If ZOE is a ps3 exclusive, Kojima will have another game of the year for sure cause he will probably max out the blu-ray again:D

But even if it goes multiplat, it'll probably still be fun.

Lavalamp3080d ago Show
Eamon3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

It's hilarious to see how they will bash on beloved franchies when they go multiplatform.

Shows they loved it because it was exclusive, not because it was amazing.

Edit at below: LOL, you have a point. Listening to anonymous N4G members rant makes no difference if Kojima is deeply involved.

Cold 20003080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Dont listen to Piratethom. He's still sore that MGS is appearing on the 360.

Take Koijima's word rather than an anonymous N4G member

People like Piratethom think that if he says it so many times it may come true or if he wishes hard enough the game will suck.

Demons Souls3080d ago

It's hilarious to see how people still think the MGS series is exclusive to Playstation. The ONLY exclusive MGS is MGS4 and technically even that isn't exclusive if you count the MGS4 mini-game on iPhone.

People don't hate the game because it's multiplatform. People hate the game because it's a mediocre spin off that Kojima isn't directing on top of you having to play with the worst character in the series. If people didn't like it in MGS2 then why would they want it in a whole game?

I'd much rather have a MGS game that is directed by Kojima, has stealth as a priority, and makes the story relevant/canon. Rising is a pass for me. I don't care what type of irrelevant storyline they come up for Rising as it won't be canon and it's just a mediocre hack & slash that's trying to use the Metal Gear name to sell to casuals.

Eamon3080d ago

Well Demon's Souls,

Kojima is deeply involved and the MGS4 team is also working on it.

For you to dismiss it just because Kojima isn't directing is an insult to all the other hardworking developers at Kojima Productions.

When it get's critically aclaimed and everyone is praising it, you'll miss out and regret not getting it.

But you probably will get it anyway LOL

Dragun6193080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Zone of The Enders Collection
Zone of The Enders 3

It would be awesome if ZOE3 becomes a PS3 exclusive. Sony should jump on this opportunity like they did with MGS4, share some Dev notes too on the Cell with Kojima's team. Plus Kojima's team still have the MGS4 engine laying around, would be a waste if they didn't go back and improve on it and didn't use it for a title as big as ZOE3 would demand to show off its amazing visuals and cut scenes.

deafwing3080d ago

it would be shame if it wasn't exclusive but I wouldn't be upset; gotta share the love; besides half of the xbox and xbox360 owners (if not more) were once ps1, and ps2 owners :)

Speedy1803080d ago

.....Thats right...I said It!

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MariaHelFutura3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

F that. ZOE is a quality series that needs a quality system to achieve it`s goals as a series. PS3 only please. I`m not saying the 360 sucks, it just isn`t as capable as the PS3.

demonddel3080d ago

these kids are hilarious y'all say some of the funniest things i ever heard

MariaHelFutura3080d ago

I`m not a kid and the PS3 is a more capable console.

demonddel3080d ago

not just you ps3 lover but i just dont see no grown man/woman saying crazy things like that but continue on i know where to come to get a few laughs out before i go to work

lpfisher3080d ago

It's hilarious to see how Xbots who used to bash on Metal Gear Solid 4 but now that they're getting Rising it's they're really excited. I find it interesting that they can go from completely trashing a series to bragging about getting it... seems like they hated it because it was exclusive. See, I can do that too :P

jukins3081d ago

he better do more than "look" into it. should already have some concepts and general direction. and depending on how well rising does could determine if its exclusive or not.

El Nino3081d ago

I'd really be hyped for ZOE3 if it happens at some point.

I dunno bout this "depending how rising does" argument, i mean rising WILL sell well because its Kojima and MGS in the title, it could be great or it could be really average but it will sell, MGS4 could of gone multi but kojima had a vision that it was only possible on PS3, he might have a similar vision for the next ZOE.

MetalFreakMike3080d ago

I want a ZOE 3 so bad! Please Kojima, please make another one! Everyone has been waiting for a ZOE 3 announcement for so long.

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