Crackdown 2: Chuck's Ducks

Fans of Crackdown 2 are invited to take the action even further by joining the popular Facebook game, Chuck’s Ducks 2, which is tied to the gameplay in Crackdown 2. By participating in the carnival-inspired game, players and their friends can earn and activate an exclusive, daily supply of explosive sticky duck bombs, called Quackers, for use in the multiplayer mode in Crackdown 2.

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CrAppleton2999d ago

I like how they're using Facebook to connect to their gamers! That's awesome!

Neco5122999d ago

I'm surprised more developers haven't thought of this before. The connection to Facebook puts millions of possible gamers right at your fingertips

DaRockSays2999d ago

This game is actually pretty fun, not very challenging, but what can you expect from a facebook game? regardless of who made it

Queasy2999d ago

As long as it is not Howard

Queasy2999d ago

"Rubber duckie, you're the one..."