Dirty Pixels of Alan Wake

Alan Wake and the residents of Bright Falls seem to have a dirty mouth on them. We listened to their conversations and just HAD to bleep out the foul and horrible things that came out of their mouths.

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B3NW2937d ago

I'm not bothered about games that swear too much, it's like that in real life sometimes, it's just setting the scene!

klado2937d ago

Best horror game so far on xbox, and lol with the beep wtf.

HolyOrangeCows2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Anyone else not find the video even slightly funny?

I usually find these kind of videos sort of funny IF they're done right.

MiloGarret2937d ago

Yeah me neither.. Most of them just seemed like random bleeps.

jeeves862936d ago

That's cause they are random. They're not covering any sour language at all :\

MiloGarret2936d ago

Yeah I got that... but the use of bleeps in this case seemed random, as in - the bleeps didn't really fit. Usually they're placed in manner so it seems like the character was saying fuck/shit/etc, that wasn't the case here.

Caspel2937d ago

funny stuff. Could've been better though with timing.

gryewolf2937d ago

I think this game's gunna be *beeeeeeeeeeeeep* But the *Beeeeeeeeeep* Just like before.

evic2937d ago

This is bleeping going to bleep your mind just think bleep bleep bleep AWESOME!

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The story is too old to be commented.