Hexyz Force - Crush! Frag! Review!

Crush! Frag! Destroy!'s Beki Sutcliffe gives her opinion on whether or not the new RPG from Atlus does enough to stand out from the crowd:

"Some people might argue that video games are comprised of only mindless violence; presenting gruff, masculine protagonists with muscles on top of their muscles and mowing down hordes of enemies with guns coming out of their ears and chainsaws on their elbows."

"However, standing their ground in the opposing corner – often stereotypically armed with fabulous hair (darling!) and endearing sensitivity – we have the classic Role Playing Game. Hexyz Force, the newly released RPG published by Atlus, is one of these games which brings a welcome break from the grim and gritty and, despite featuring an end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it narrative, attempts to maintain an upbeat feel with flourishing environments and cutesy characters."

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