GameZone - Resident Evil 4 iPhone Review

GameZone reviews the iPhone port of Resident Evil 4. Does this hugely successful game for the Gamecube port over well for the iPhone, or should you steer clear from this portable version.

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Blaze9293081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

iPhone gaming in this style fails. When will they understand you can't force something that doesn't exist - buttons. Learn to take what is there and make some new experiences.

Caspel3081d ago

I'll take RE4 on every other platform over the iPhone.

TheSanchezDavid3081d ago

I'm not a fan of gaming on the iPhone or iPod Touch, or just mobile gaming in general. This port just solidifies my idea that mobile gaming is meant to sell games for the purpose of making a quick buck, despite the fact that the gameplay, controls, and other mechanics never really leave one fulfilled.

Azule613081d ago

RE4 on the iphone no thank you. My wii edition is doing just fine.