Redbox is looking to cut into the videogame market

With a wide library of DVDs and Blu-Rays already, Redbox is looking to pounce onto the videogame scene by adding a videogame rental service to their kiosks. The initiative should be a great alternative to GameFly, especially for those who want to play the newest games as close to their respective launch dates as possible.

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IrieMars3087d ago

This could be a way better and cheaper alternative to the ten bucks Blockbuster is charging. Sometimes I just want to check a game out and paying two bucks seems just right.

darklordzor3087d ago

Wow, first they get blu-rays and now games. WIth them driving Movie Gallery out of business I wonder if they'll be able to do the same for the game rental stuff. Maybe Blockbuster's days are numbered?

derkasan3086d ago

This seems perfect for games like Naughty Bear...