Medal of Honor : 8 minutes Video from the closed Beta

NotiziePs3 personal gameplay

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gtamike3084d ago

it's a ok game, my guess it will improve when it's final

D4RkNIKON3084d ago

Looks kind of like "Been there, done that" to me.

LoVeRSaMa3084d ago

If it does not have the 'Call of Duty' title on it, it will not matter, Developers should stop aiming for COD because people wont buy into it.

I want a game to overtake COD but its not likely to happen because Call of Duty have established a heavy brand for themselves, so we need to support other FPS titles that are slightly unique.

BF:BC 2 is actually awesome, I didn't find out until I have a good go on it, it was the same with Killzone 2 when COD 4 was out, I don't think people are as open as me as gaming especially the masses.

aksmashh3083d ago

Call of Duty MW is were the bench mark is.........

BC2 was amazing but its different kind of combat, same with killzone but imo people found harder to play.

MOH is decent but it wouldn't even challenge the Original COD MW

Apocwhen3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I hope so too.

I think they should delay the game until next year and work on it until it's a better product. It's due for release in mid October and from what I've seen, I don't think they can deliver a great game by then. Instead it will only be average or good at best and we will have to sit through several patches. It seems they are just aiming to release it before Black Ops and make a few quick sales.

I'd be happier with the game if they delayed it until March and improved it a lot.
As Hellangelzx said below 'I think so far the beta sucks, and I really hope this is an old build.' - I really hope this is an old build too.

cellfluid3084d ago

boring... im done wit these so called next gen games.... hiding behind a aluminum or plastic garbage can n b safe....((((BULL$H!T))) n that's not da half,feel me..... COD MODERN WARFARE 2.. i need realism. then we shall have a next gen game!!!!!

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gcolley3084d ago

so you wanna die once and then game over, time to buy a new game. now that is realism. if it was real everyone would be camping. ITS A DAMN GAME

Cryptech3083d ago

If you want more realism play Armed Assault 2 on PC. The Marines actualy use the same game engine to train Marines.

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molsen813084d ago

I'm not that into the beta. I still plan on getting the game for SP, but I don't know if I'll trade it soon after.

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DarkSpawnClone3084d ago

i don't really like it,just get BFBC2 much better game,its basically bfbc2 put in a tiny box and its not as fun.the only thing it dose is make me want to play BFBC2.

gcolley3084d ago

makes me wanna play BC2 with some new maps

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The story is too old to be commented.