Source: George Harrison Has Announced His Retirement

Following up on GameDaily BIZ's story from yesterday, which revealed new job postings for positions that would seem to currently belong to Nintendo of America execs Perrin Kaplan and Beth Llewelyn, GameDaily BIZ has obtained new information that indicates that George Harrison, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications, will indeed be leaving the company in the near future.

An industry source at a major publisher has discovered and revealed to GameDaily BIZ that Harrison today circulated an internal voice message at Nintendo of America announcing his "early retirement."

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bootsielon3786d ago

I gave you positive feedback for that.

Anyway... This guy WON'T be missed. He praised the "FUN MACHINE" a.k.a. Gamecube for having a stupid mini-DVD which crippled the machine from the start. Seriously, making the stupid machine a little bigger, and slicker, and DVD capable wouldn't have costed Nintendo an extra dime (hardware wise), and they would have had a lot more "mature" games, and would have earned more support of 3rd party developers and consumers. Seriously, what a stupid move.

I find it funnier that this guy has been criticizing Sony as of late. But of course, after a 10 year beating by your worst enemy, having a good run for the last few months probably made him want to say "IN YO FACE YO!".

Too bad it won't last.

I doubt Perrin Kaplan will be missed once she gets her ass out of Nintendo. Same for Peter Moore getting out of Microsoft. All these people did was badmouth their competition, sourgrapes from the PS1 and PS2 era. They never did a good job... Reggie? Maybe. But he's probably gonna be with Nintendo for a long time.