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Xbox 360 : present situation in Japan

Combined sales of Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles accounted for less than 1% of Japan's game console market in July, according to a report by Japan-based research firm Media Create.

Sales of the Xbox 360 during the week of July 17-23 totaled only 1,472 units, lagging far behind the 22,288 for the PS2 (PlayStation 2) and the 262,453 for the Nintendo DS Lite, the report said.

In addition, the top-10 most favorite game titles played in Japan are those designed for the Nintendo DS (NDS) and PS2, with six out the 10 titles designated for the NDS, the reported added. However, none of the titles designed for the Xbox or Xbox 360 was listed among the top-50, it added. (Xbox 360)

Islandkiwi  +   3320d ago
Victory soon!
Xbox has come a long way from selling 20 units a week! Wait until they get Oblivion, Viva Pinata, and all the other great stuff!
Islandkiwi  +   3320d ago
I wasn't being sarcastic here, by the way. When Microsoft says they're in Japan for the long haul, that means they're willing to support it until it's successful. And their sales have improved. Better games will release, and consoles will sell.
Jay da 2KBalla  +   3320d ago
O well. Japan doesnt really matter anyway.
Marty8370  +   3320d ago
#1/#2 - Japan does matter and x360 is far from victory.PS3 & Wii will own Japan,and the rest of the world.
BIadestarX  +   3320d ago
I think you mean the wii. Right?
TheMART  +   3320d ago
Japan is a declining market and is getting a small part of worldwide sales.

So it's mattering less and less
DC RID3R  +   3320d ago
when the japs see the ps3 for wot it really is ($600 ps2.5) the wii will totally wipe it's pale grey butt with it!!!
achira  +   3320d ago
ps3 will win the console war. period.
TheMART  +   3320d ago
Were in your crystal ball exactly is this stated? Last night I sh*t in my toilet and the words were:

"PSZero stinks"
HyperBear  +   3320d ago
that must have been one curly sh!t for it to write letters. LOL
HyperBear  +   3320d ago
I say Xbox 360
Simply put cause they have a better gaming library and better online service and everything is going right for them. As for Sony, THEY"RE IN THE SH!TTER
TheMART  +   3319d ago
It doesn't matter 360 doesn't do well in Japan. It's a declining market and is getting very small on world scale.

Countries like China, India, Korea and other upcoming economies could make some difference. They have a economical growth unseen in the rest of the world (including Japan).

If one can win these for their product there are more chances.

Wii will get Japan by the way

Oh yeah and BetaBluRay is over and dead
So I guess PS3's most important selling point, taking up a massive 350 dollars in cost for the drive (shouldn't a game console have the money invested in CPU/GPU and not the videoplaying capability?), is doomed.

I am so ready for this Christmas with Gears of War and Forza 2
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Aramis001  +   3319d ago
The wii will rape the ps3 in japan, that much is obvious just look at PSP vs DS sales there, no comparison. I dont think Sony has any markets they can win, with the wii in japan and the x360 covering the US. Mabye Europe? I doubt China, they're economy's booming but the average family still makes only $6000 a year, i dont think many can afford it. Still, if only 0.1% of chinese people buy 1 thats still 1 million sales...
TheMART  +   3319d ago
Correct, I hear ya. DOn't forget: there are so many people living overthere. It doesn't really matter if the average income is so low.

What does matter is that a small percentage, but in numbers large groups of people are getting high income. And those really would like to get some things that are from the West. And I guess Chinese will be more against Japanese products then Europese/American.

Those markets are the key for the coming time. Not only for consoles, for the whole world market. I expect that kids will get Chinese in school in some years overhere in The Netherlands for real
Aramis001  +   3319d ago
Why would the Chinese not like japanese products? I dont think it's about a lasting WWII grudge. If not that, then why would they like more western products?
Aramis001  +   3319d ago
Good point by the way.
Shadow Flare  +   3319d ago
Reality Check
-Japan is a very important market in the games industry, maybe not for xbox cos it sucks there

-"Combined sales of Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360 game consoles accounted for less than 1% of Japan's game console market in July" , which is ABSOLUTE S***

-The picture i posted for this article rocks, godzilla would kick the xbox 360 right in it's dvd-drive

The Xbox 360 is doing absolutely AWFUL in japan, get a grip. And if you think that they're gonna increase sales, get real. With 3 months to go every japanese gamer will be saving up for the Wii, and if they can afford it, PS3. Xbox 360 lost in japan as soon as the japanese heard about it. They don't care about xbox
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