CoD: Black Ops - Treyarch explains graphical progress

Treyach explains the graphical progress of Call of Duty: Black Ops. More through Link...

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jaredhart2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

As much as I hate Kotick, this game is looking good.

BeaArthur2939d ago

It has definitely been upgraded since World at War.

kevco332939d ago

That's because it's using Inifity Ward's engine this time...

Syaz12938d ago

even world at war uses the iw engine, difference is treyarch actually makes the effort to improve the engine, while iw stuck with the same vanilla iw engine for several cod's now. with world at war, they added stuff like fire physics and environmental destruction. what's your point really?

Commander_TK2938d ago

whether I should get Black Ops or MOH

CobraKai2939d ago

Just keep in mind Kotick has nothing to do with how good a game looks, just how many iterations of it is produced in a year.

Gago2939d ago

is all that matters to me

and this game will deliver

PhantomT14122939d ago

It's one of the rare games to deliver it on console. And I think this is one of the features that make this series attractive, even if a lot of people may not notice it while playing.

OpenGL2939d ago

It's the same reason the game is only rendered at 1024x600 on both the PS3 and 360. It's easier to hit 60fps when you're using a sub-HD resolution.

-Gespenst-2939d ago

Cool, cool.. because I can totally understand german an everything..

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