Sonic Colors: Finally 360-Quality Graphics on Wii?

Recent history has taught GamesRadar not to get too excited about new Sonic games. But, whatever the quality of the gameplay in Sonic Colors, there's no denying the game's visuals are exceptionally good.

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brazilianbumpincher2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

game looks visually appealing,glad to see they want to fight the big boys

darkcharizard2789d ago

Just look at Alan Wake.. It's native resolution is 640p; A game running at 480p can actually compete with such games visually.

OpenGL2789d ago

Actually, Alan Wake runs at 960x540, but in that low resolution it pulls off effects that the Wii is still nowhere near capable of rendering.

klado2789d ago

Yeah, loved alan wake, 'bout the graphics whatever, but the game was great, shame it was so underrated.

Fan Tastic2789d ago

Well I'm not surprised. Wii and 360 are pretty close in terms of graphics, 360 slight edge and able to do HD (though it struggles big time)

Wii HD would be sweet to make it to the next level like the PS3.

Shnazzyone2789d ago

Dude are you that threatened by a good looking wii title to make death threats against users?

Poor form sir, poor form.

Fan Tastic2789d ago

Sometimes the truth hurts. MS fanatics don't like it pointed out of course.

I was a bit surprised at such a violent response to reading simple facts.

I'd hate to see you in the real world, well you've probably never been, still stuck at home living with mom and step-dad, turning up the 360 so you don't have to hear them.

Life isn't always fair and I pity you.

darkcharizard2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

first I thought you were replying to my post. Then i realized Fan Tastic is someone's username, and I lol'd. But seriously dude.. you didn't have to post such an inflammatory comment. It really was uncalled for.

@OpenGL - I know, Wii software can never technically match the standards of Alan Wake because of obvious hardware limitations. Still, some games on the Wii really look like Xbox 360 games when component cables are used; e.g. Monster Hunter Tri.

Again, I am saying 'it looks like' and not 'it is', so don't get the wrong idea

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MNicholas2789d ago

Impressive visuals.

It's about time.

The Gamecube had some stand-out visuals as well.

Theonik2789d ago

Really underrated console the Gamecube was. Some really great tittles on it. Had a great controller too, Best triggers i have seen in a controller. This game interests me. Might as well buy it.

off-topic: Anyone know anywhere i can get a gamecube pad and memory card? need them for BC on my Wii. Must Ship to Europe. (used is fine obviously)

Hanif-8762789d ago

But the graphics on the Xbox360 isn't much better than the Wii? If they said the PS3 that would of been a really big accomplishment, even though its not possible ;-)

cossie1232789d ago

looks nice but not 360 quality graphics as the title suggests

tplarkin72789d ago

The Wii was supposed to be more powerful than Xbox 1, and it has never come close to games like Riddick or Splinter Cell, or even Halo 1 (a launch game in 2001).

MNicholas2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Riddick and Splinter Cell on Xbox used a lot of bump-mapping. That and available RAM were about the only things the Xbox 1 was better at than the Gamecube.

Microsoft used a lot of bogus "specifications" when marketing the Xbox 1. The advertised polygon rate of the 125Million polygons per second (claimed to be possible in game) still hasn't been matched by the Xbox360.

They promised Toy Story graphics (head of Xbox division, google it), 10 years later we're nowhere near.


jetlian2789d ago

actually those are benchmarks. 360 is 500 million triangles which is possible but that comes down depending on the game. same thing with toy story graphics. really only thing you need to get good looking games is a lot of ram.

Fan Tastic2789d ago Show
tunaks12789d ago

"Xbox 1 is more powerful than Wii."
If were going to get technical, the gamecube pushed more polygons on screen then any xobx or ps2 game. Look up Rouge squadron for the gamecube.

jetlian2789d ago

rogue squadron did. having a lot of up close polys maybe.. but full blown levels naw.

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matey2789d ago

Its 360 graphics they used the same tech and spec for spec its what they would have done on 360 but at 720p ect lets not forget this is just wii because wii has a fast proccessor for games with sense of speed something 360 cant do without choppy gameplay fact

hybridtheory122789d ago

Notice they say 360 quality graphics and not PS3. I dont get why not but ok....

Biggest2789d ago

That GT:P picture is ridiculous. November 2nd can not come soon enough.

GigaGaia2789d ago

It's easier for the Wii to compete with the 360, seeing as the 360 is inferior to the PS3.

klado2789d ago

Graphically and that is it, xbox has way to go dude, doesn't need to be blind the ps3 can pull those ala uncharted 2 games, but that doesn't mean the xbox isn't powerful, if only it had a bluray drive it could handle these games.


nickjkl2789d ago

blu ray isnt the reason why ps3 can do graphics

Garnett2789d ago

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Thats really funny, you still believe that? Because Sony doesnt and it shows in their ads.

Do you still believe that games need HDD? What about Blu Ray, do they need that yet? Nope....

Wikkid6662789d ago

Funny thing is about 80% of all multiplatform titles look and run better on the 360.

Biggest2789d ago

And yet none of those multiplatforms have achieved the polish and depth of the high profile PS3 exclusives. But it's all good. The best part is that no matter how deficient the multiplatform games may end up on the PS3, they will end up there. The exclusive PS3 games will only ever be on the PS3. And as we move forward, they will only get better whereas multiplatform games will be forced to stay the same.

Wikkid6662789d ago

A handful of exclusives... is that due to hardware or studios? My money is on studios.

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pixelsword2789d ago

In the article they compare it to a Sonic game that's on the 360; whether that game is on the PS3 or not I can't tell you because I don't know.

vader12312312789d ago

Yeah they judge their whole decision on a half assed sonic game on the 360

Duke Spookem2789d ago ShowReplies(3)
DelbertGrady2789d ago

Because the PS3 is 60 times more powerful than the 360. Thanks to the Cell™. 360 doesn't do 4D.

yewles12789d ago

Well... there were some 4D effects in Crackdown 2... but that's about it.

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KingPin2789d ago

i think if they pushed the original xbox to this extent we'd have 360 graphics on a last gen console. but microsoft being the way they are, guess we'l never know.

waltyftm2789d ago

Those bastards dropped the 360 faster than Paris Hiltons knickers.

pixelsword2789d ago

The statement is true if you compare it to the other sonic game like this article is doing, but put that next to a game like Mass Effect or Gears and that Sonic game will be put to shame.

Still, great looking Sonic game though.

yewles12789d ago

You mean Sonic '06? That's not much... not at ALL!

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