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Kingdom Come3087d ago

Are screen shots, the game looks Stunning...

Christopher3086d ago

Love the clouds in this game. Really brings the sky to life, which is what is really needed for a game that lacks the typical plant life in a post-apocalyptic world. Very nice ambient occlusion added on top of that with the layered cloud effects.

EXID3086d ago

yeah, i was about to say the same thing. the sky looks frickin' amazing in that screenshot.

Socrates3086d ago

3086d ago
Eiffel3086d ago

Most? They are all in game screenshots.

callahan093086d ago

Getting this on PC. Can't wait to see if it can look as photo-realistic as Crysis. But does this game have a destructibility engine the way Crysis does? That's half of what makes Crysis so technically impressive.

thereapersson3086d ago

I really want to get this for my PS3, but I might have to spring for it on PC. Decisions, decisions...

I'm sure my 8800GT won't be able to run this game on high settings, so console version it might have to be for me.

raztad3086d ago

I havent seen anything remotely destructible in this game. Just very nice textures. I guess they would had showed it off if any is actually implemented, or even talked about it if something is planned.

SOAD3086d ago

Often I wonder why iD won't make the game run at 30 frames per second and use the remaining CPU power to add destructibility or more chaotic environments. Oh well, I'll still be getting this because I think it will be fantastic.

raztad3086d ago

ID is very old school, looking at RAGE footage is like Doom 3 yet again. Besides I have the impression MEGATEXTURE, the tech behind RAGE engine, is a tech Carmack has been developing long before destructibility became a standard feature in games, so it is very likely it is not very suited for that kind of stuff.

despair3086d ago

it really is an amazing looking game...definitely one to max out my gtx 285 :)

the_union_of_PS3603086d ago

I was reading my EDGE magazine and they said ps3 was falling behind pc and xbox but the DEV'S said they're getting used to it

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