PS3 and Xbox 360 cross platform online gaming

There is an idea to figure out who is the king of the consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360 cross platform online gaming tournaments. The way this would work is say 4 or 5 times a year Microsoft and Sony should bang their heads together to create online gaming tournaments between the Xbox 360 gamers and the Playstation 3 gamers.

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THC CELL4004d ago

i really think its a good idea

DiLeCtioN4004d ago

but the 21st century industry only thinks of money...maybe they should make a specific franchise, i doubt it will hapen.

Omegasyde4004d ago

Sonic is going against Mario at the 2008 Olympic games.
(hell has froze over)


A RARE Game, Viva Pinata, is coming onto the Nintendo DS. Times are changing. Let alone Microsoft Windows are found on Sony laptops.

Business is business? Yep.

Blasphemy4004d ago

I am waiting for a third party developer to make a game that PS3 and 360 players can play on the same servers.

toughNAME4004d ago

itd be funny

all the xbox boys will talk so much trash

but most ps3 boys CANT even reply :(


mightydog014004d ago

yeah and ps3 fans will trash talk fools.Do you know we can chat in game. And next update will be cross over chat on a par with 360 and soon home comes out and things will be great and its free. Soon ps3 will have loads of members and its free online that will be BRILLANT IDEA?. game on: ps fps shooter are my top game, been there done that, Bring it on.

simplemetry4004d ago

well i talk alot of sh!t wen i play resistance online... hawhaha

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The story is too old to be commented.