The Top 15 Games of 2010 so far

What are the top games of 2010? During halftime of the Games in 2010 we'll tell you the current ranking highlights of this year. Featuring: Mass Effect 2, Bad Company 2, and many more.

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MariaHelFutura3003d ago

By years end this will probably be one of the best years for gaming for me. GOW3, LBP2, GT5 in one year is good enough for me.

ps3hasnogamess3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

2010 is best year for 360 in exclusives.

yeah I'm really looking forward to this year. Mass Effect 2 and Crackdown 2 are by far best games of 2010 for (followed closely by AVP). Crackdown's artstyle may not be for everybody but the first game took open-world games sooo much further by adding in online and having anybody jump into your game and help you blow shit up lol.

SnuggleBandit3002d ago


i guess even 360 fanboys have forgotten about alan wake hahaha

SnuggleBandit3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Whoops DP... :(

Danja3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Crackdown 2 best of the year ?? WTF ?? ur being sarcastic right ? lol

HolyOrangeCows3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

"...Crackdown far best games of 2010"
Oh that's rich, buddy.

"(followed closely by AVP)"
In the Bizzaro world, maybe.

EDIT: THIS guy has the same amount of bubbles as me?? That's just freaking criminal.

Voiceofsoi3001d ago

I was angry until I realized it was a joke :P Mass Effect 2 WAS awesome though, I wouldn't be too angry if it won GOTY, but I'd laugh if someone suggested that game was best played with a controller :P

milf_sex3001d ago

360 fanboys have stooped to the levels that they have to use 70s rated exclusives and 60s rated multiplatform games to make the 90+ Ps3 exclusive line up look bad.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Starcraft 2. Finally an amazing Next Gen RTS I was waiting for.

I don't think any other game on PC had me very excited like Starcraft 2:

CountDracula3001d ago (Edited 3001d ago )

Germans have no taste. Sexzzzy babes though.

DelbertGrady3001d ago

I can swear I read this 3 days ago.

Serjikal_Strike3001d ago

Heavy RAIN

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The story is too old to be commented.