FIFA 11 PC, however, different from the console version? writes: "I got the invitation to the FIFA 11 demo, which reveals that between the versions for consoles and PC may have some differences."

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Letros2810d ago

I was under the assumption that FIFA on PC will be MMO-like from hereout, like Tiger Woods.

Red-Dead-Roar2810d ago (Edited 2810d ago )

tiger's an mmo? damn.

edit: article says fifa 1911.. lol...

tunaks12810d ago

fifa on pc has been different from the console versions for a while now.

farhad2k82810d ago

Fifa on PC is terrible, its basically Fifa 10 on the PS2!

ChronoJoe2810d ago

No it's not... the core mechanics are exactly the same as Fifa 10 but it has much greater visual options. You can make it look a whooole lot better than the console versions.

It takes a lot of resources tho, for w/e reason.

Xfanboy2810d ago

Isn't every multiplat different on PC better visuals & resolution..

2809d ago