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How to buy the new White Sony PS3 Slim

i4u.com -
Sony announced today a white Sony PS3 slim with 160GB. The classic white CECH-2500A LW will go on sale end of July for about $340 in Japan. This is not the first white PS3 slim. Last fall Sony offered the 250GB Sony PS3 Slim Final Fantasy XIII Bundle, which contain a white PS3. Like with "fat" white PS3, Sony is most likely not going to offer the white PS3 outside of Japan any time soon.

Your only chance to crown your living room with a white PS3 is to order it at an Asian video game exporter like Play-Asia.
The shop is not yet listing the new white PS3 slim, but should do soon. Note, that there are certain region locks on Japanese PS3 consoles including on Blu-ray movies. (PS3)

Tazz1992  +   1485d ago
Cool but i had my dad by a ps3 slim yesterday so he can stop using mine for Movies and netlfix lol.
dc1  +   1484d ago
That sounds like a Kevin Butler commercial waiting to happen!
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dc1  +   1484d ago
Double post :(
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Jab-dees-nuts  +   1484d ago
for anyone in new york city, in chinatown there is a store called jl games or something like it, they import all kinds of games and i got my (fat) white ps3 from them
Red-Dead-Roar  +   1484d ago
remember that X and O are swapped and that the blu-ray player is not going to play 'all' your us/eu movies before importing from asia....
PirosThe4th  +   1484d ago
lol... MOST BLU-RAY MOVIES ARE REGION FREE, like u said!....
I rather have x and o swapped...
BTW I have a PS3 for japan and I never had an issue with blu rays not playing. Blu ray has all languages so most have only one version that is region free world wide lulz...

You are just trolling cuz ur 360 cant even import games...
SpitFireAce85  +   1484d ago
I need to sell
my Slim and get this one ill try and trick my dad into
buying it.Maybe i can say it includes free Netflix for
a year lol.
morkendo  +   1484d ago
hell, im still trying to find white phat ps3 be glad to trade in my black phat ps3.
nunley33  +   1484d ago
link is broken
link doesn't work
PirosThe4th  +   1484d ago
Ha... there shouldn't be problem in america with blu rays... lol japan has the same Region code as USA... lol

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