Yves Guillemot defends Ubisoft DRM

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot defends Ubisofts Online Service and explains how it will be further improved.

"We have discovered the great potential that it brings with it when people are playing online: One can ensure that all these people are creating something new together, when they play together. That they can change the game themselves."

He also mentions a game currently in development where you actually play alone but the actions of other players playing the same game influence your own world. He talks about how some kind of energy in the game is shared with other players and if they consume too much you have to respond and do something against it.

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Quagmire3056d ago

"One example: In one of the development located game is to die total energy of the game world is limited. Consume IF Other players quickly to a lot of energy, IS people react MUST - either elements husband"