Mafia 2 'more Alan Wake than GTA'

Most would draw obvious parallels between Mafia 2 and the GTA series, but the developers at 2K think their game is "completely different".

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raztad2788d ago

Color me interested. I realized I'm totally burned of GTA4 like gameplay, which I find extremely boring, thats why didt pick RDR.

anthraxCZ2788d ago

i think rdr can't be compared to gta iv, rdr was in every way a lot better

interested in mafia ii

I_find_it_funny2788d ago

I liked GTA4 a lot, I still play Cops n Crooks :)
and I'll be getting MAfia 2

Commander_TK2788d ago

tight. Better than LA Noire.

user8586212788d ago

dude trust me, BUY rdr! its a huge improvement over gta4, theres so much more do to, there's variety in the missions, it has a checkpoint system

redude2788d ago

i have rdr and it has way better gameplay and physics

redude2788d ago

i have had it along time and i still play it all you need is friends who will play with u

Forbidden_Darkness2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

@2.2: It was a joke, settle down, anyone could plainly tell that, just need to open your eyes.

BeaArthur2788d ago

I couldn't tell that. It genuinely looked like you were interested. Maybe you should make a "sarcasm" note.

Forbidden_Darkness2788d ago

I'll keep that in mind next time, forgot some of the internet didn't get jokes when said. Im interested in both M2 and AW, but i'll probaly never play ether because of all the games coming out.

TrevorPhillips2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

This game actually looks decent cannot wait for it :)

2K are doing a grea job.

raztad2788d ago

Isnt Team Bondi the team behind L.A. Noire?

TrevorPhillips2788d ago

My bad I ment 2K lol

Team Bondi are the developers behind LA Noire yes haha

I made a mistake :)

creatchee2788d ago

I was hoping to see more of L.A. Noire at E3. Info has been non-existent since the 20 million page script (LOL) and the Game Informer article. I'm really hoping this game does what they're saying it's going to do.

anthraxCZ2788d ago

hint - this if mafia ii from 2k czech

Dellis2788d ago

Actually is more Heavy Rain in terms of gameplay

gamer informer said this

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The story is too old to be commented.