Midlife Gamer Podcast Episode 100 – Balls Deep

The 100th episode is finally here, and what a show it turned out to be! To celebrate the century milestone we call upon the fabulous Midlife Gamer community to help out and we announce a most wonderful week of competition activity. There's a distinct RPG vibe this week, with Dragon Age: Origins on 360, the MMORPG Aion on PC, and some AD&D 4th Edition tabletop gaming all forming part of Matt & Daren's gaming week. VAT increase announced for the UK and the impact on games retail, Final Fantasy XIV dated and detailed, Monster Hunter Frontier helps to boost 360 sales in Japan, Sony plan to shut the online server for Eye of Judgement on PS3, Patapon 3 demo dated and Monkey Island 2: Special Edition incoming for 360, PS3 & PC.

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