Summer Time Blues For A PC Gamer

Nathan Schmidt writes...

"So what is a PC exclusive gamer to do, Is it time to give up the fight and succumb to the inferior experience of console gaming?

No way, and shame on you for even considering such a thing. There are still a ton of great games out there to get us through this summer time lull and into holiday season…"

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thorstein3081d ago

Some console ports are shoddy.
All console ports are not shoddy.


chak_3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I've no game to buy until mafia 2 this summer.

I don't like starcraft 2, and... oh wait, I'll have tomb raider, I think it's supposed to come out in summer.

I'll keep playing my gothic/EFLC/DOW 2 until then

edit : and no, moh beta won't make my summer hahah, it's crap

Komega3080d ago

LOL, c'mon MOH Beta is not that bad and they still have some time to fix the issues that the game currently has.