ZTGD: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Preview

Scorched Angel Writes: About three years ago, IO Interactive and Eidos Interactive released the gritty crime drama Kane and Lynch: Dead Men. They worked hard to make it a compelling drama, starring two unique killers, Kane and Lynch. The game didn't really do well on the market however, but they did have some very interesting ideas on the multiplayer side of things. IO Interactive is back at it again with the explosive sequel, Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. Set in Shanghai, the game is trying to go for a realistic, handheld camera look, while still being a fun, arcade style action shooter.

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Ares84PS33058d ago

After K&L 1 how could they make a 2nd??? The first was bad enough. They should have made something new. I'm getting thired of these shooters very fast now. This gen. it's getting out of hand. So many shooters. Where is the creativity?

orange-skittle3058d ago

How can they allow all this spam? They didn't consider this before modifying the site? Where's the Kane and Lynch demo they promised us last week

sanshatak3058d ago

i have played demo it was impressive,good my kind of game,what i liked was the storytelling,and graphics,it was the most realistic game that i have ever played,and i like it,it looked really,really real

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