ZTGD: Puzzle Quest 2 Review

Scorched Angel Writes: Bejeweled is one of the most popular and addictive puzzle games in the world. Now, I only know of one company that can make it even more addictive than it already is: Infinite Interactive. Creators of a game called Puzzle Quest, they take the basic concept of matching three colored gems, and turn it into a full on RPG. Infinite Interactive has just released a sequel to their ever popular franchise, Puzzle Quest 2, and friends, it time to jump back into the addiction.

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The Meerkat3083d ago

This game should be banned.
Its like electronic crack.

Bigpappy3083d ago

You go to an area to do one thing then you find that there are 10 other things to do before you get to that one. The good thing is that you can save at any time (except during battles).

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