New Wardevil Information going to be announced at TGS 07

Digi-guys has written up new information on the mysterious playstation 3 exclusive, Wardevil. They have just announced that a new trailer will be shown during September 2007, at TGS 07. Many of you should remember Wardevil's, amazing graphics shown at e3 2006, and tgs 2005, which were in realtime. Also Digi-guys now has a publisher, which will remain disclosed until later this year.

The game is supposed to be a movie, and a game experience, which will utilize the blu-ray capabilities fully.

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kingboy3922d ago

Another game i got my eyes on,same story holds for 8days can't wait..

Lightning Mr Bubbles3922d ago

When is TGS? I thought it had already passed. Damn, it's in September.

Phantom_Lee3922d ago

I dont get like this should do better in NA than why not show it in E3 instead of TGS..

aiphanes3922d ago

So they will show it at TGS...hopefully it will get released next year.

This would be a good game to be released next fall 2008.

crck3922d ago

I heard the new E3 was invitation only and some companies weren't invited.

Bazookajoe_833922d ago

Ive been waiting for this one, i was supprised it wasnt anything about it on e3. Looks like it´s gonna be sweet but i dont have any idé what kind of game it will be, but graf looks realy good..

ghettocheeze3922d ago

Wow this thing is being built from scratch to run in full 1080p glory.

The only think I say is the robots look too "Terminator" but still amazing engine and digi-guys even show progession from wire frame to full FX to proves this is in engine and not CGI.

I can't wait for TGS to see this game!

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The story is too old to be commented.