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What if the Virtual Boy had been a success?

Dualshockers: The Virtual Boy was a handheld that clearly wasn’t a handheld, not only that but it was neither capable of VR graphics nor was it a boy, which beggars the question – what the hell was it ?

But what if people had overlooked the limitations of the design and embraced the device? (Culture, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Retro)

Quagmire  +   1487d ago
Then major electronic companies would be forcing 3D upon consumers/gamers globally.
Oh Wait...
FrankDrebin  +   1487d ago
If the Virtual Boy had been successful their would be countless folk having Seizures and killer headaches! Not to mention those hit by cars walking around with the shoulder-strap-on attachment.

There was a reason the Virtual Boy bombed and that was because it sucked!

Two colors. Red and Black.
Caused headaches!
Bad games!
Nicaragua  +   1487d ago
I see the 3DS skating dangerously close to Virtual Boy territory. I also had a go on one of the new Sony 3D TV's the other day and i gotta say im not impressed at all.

Good article though, very funny.
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MRJENKINS  +   1487d ago
the chance of it being a success was slim to non not only was there major health issues but also it was advertised as a portable device how the f&%k was it portable and the graphics was just terrible it makes me sick just thinking about it..
taz8080  +   1487d ago
The virtual boy was a gisntd flop but look how everyone is flocking back to the 3d arena, maybe it was just ahead of it's time. Lol
Nicaragua  +   1487d ago
Dunno about being ahead of its time because that thing was more like a step backwards. Bulky console with basic graphics and wank 3D effect.

But i get what you mean, i really dont buy into this return of 3D.
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iiprotocolii  +   1487d ago
Red and black didn't work well for me on a constant basis. I needed color.
Games4M - Rob  +   1487d ago
I actually had a chance to have a go on one of these things back in the day. I had a friend who imported one and was really excited about having "the latest thing" - It was rubbish.

There was some weird decisions being made by hardware manufacturers in the 90's -crap like virtual boy, 32X, CDO - they seemed to have their shit back together agin until the recent torrent of 3D mania.
Alcohog  +   1487d ago
Then I would have a permanent migraine and my kids would be cross-eyed.
Games4M - Rob  +   1487d ago
Ah, so thats why my kids are like that !

I always thought it was all those drugs i did back in the 90's. Looks like my Virtual Boy experience effected me more than i realised.
SuperStrokey1123  +   1487d ago
We would all have migraines lol
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krisprolls  +   1487d ago
If Virtual Boy had been a success... well Kinect would have a small chance not to fail.
Nicaragua  +   1487d ago
Dunno why you would say that. Kinect is all about flailing about like a tool and the Virtual Boy was all about sitting still with your head in a visor, they are pretty much polar opposites.

Oh, apart from the fact that they are both useless pieces of shit that will get joked about years after they fail. They will soon have that in common.
Titanz  +   1487d ago
It isn't, so let's just keeping that device from reappearing out of the gates of fail.
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coolasj  +   1487d ago
Ha ha hahaha ha hahaha ha
ohhhh rofl
AllroundGamer  +   1487d ago
then we would have one less episode of Angry video game nerd :)
Auron  +   1487d ago
Wario Land
that was an awesome game if you never played it then dont hate. I thought the graphics on the VB were really great @ that time. but after I play for about 20 mins I see awhole lotta blue. lol VB imo was cool. everyone who played mine really enjoyed it. and of course everytime after playing theyd always say..."dude everthing is blue!"
MetalFreakMike  +   1487d ago
One of the main reasons it failed is because it hurt people eyes when they played it for a long time. I tried it out at the store once when it first came out. It was neat but it hurt the hell out of my eyes and cost too much money. They say the 3DS can also hurt your eyes if you play it for too long. I'm not sure if it is true but I do not want to pay for something that is going to ruin my eyes.
ChronoJoe  +   1487d ago
Nice article, fun read.
Hitman0769  +   1487d ago
Sweet, if that worked out it would be another world!
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